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1951 MG YA

The MG Y Type was in production between 1947 and 1953. Only 8,336 were ever made so today they are a rare car. The engine used was the very reliable 1250cc XPAG engine that was used for the late T series cars. The Y Type's were beautifully built and in particular, the interior had an extremely high standard of furnishing and finish, in accordance with the best British traditions.

KKV 462 is a car we know well. We are very pleased to offer this car onto the market as both regular customers who have owned this car have been delighted. The YA has met all expectations and continues to be a superb driving car. 

The body was restored many years and a photographic file accompanies the car. All brightwork was re-chromed and the original upholstery was cleaned up and renovated as necessary. The car stands with a lovely patina and makes the ideal usable yet rare classic saloon.

The 1250 XPAG engines performs exceptionally well and the gearbox is smooth and enjoyable to use. The oil pressure is very good and the car handles perfectly with good brakes and suspension.

Superb, we would like more.


Price: £SOLD