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1957 MGA 1500 MKI Coupe

Our stunning MGA MKI 1500 FHC was manufactured by the MG Car Company in the UK, at Abingdon, Berkshire in 1957 and was exported to the U.S.A. On arrival back in the UK in 1992 the MGA was stripped down and the body removed from the chassis. The car was then subject of a show standard chassis up nut and bolt rebuild to the highest of standards. The chassis was taken back bare metal, cleaned, prepared and painted, all new suspension, brakes and steering fitted and the axles, engine and gearbox removed and rebuilt. The body was totally stripped down, wings removed and fully rebuilt and painted. All new bright work, wheels and tyres were fitted and the interior fully re-trimmed with Black leather seats and Grey carpets. We, as Grundy Mack in 1993 then sold the car and advised the new owner that it required running in, much the same way as a new car of this era would have been. A full photographic record of the restoration is with the vehicle.

Since restoration our MGA has covered 8000 miles and drives superbly. The 1500 engine is excellent with superb oil pressure and it ticks over and runs perfectly. The four speed gearbox is quiet, has excellent syncromesh and is smooth and slick to use. The MG has recently driven to us from the Stockport area and is faultless on the road. Having being very well maintained since restoration, and covered low mileage since, brakes, suspension and steering are all in excellent condition. There is a file of invoices for maintenance over the years and the car has clearly been very well maintained. It has participated in many MG Club events, rallies and runs over and across the North West and has come to us capable of regular use, long distance touring.

SVS 923 presents superbly with stunning bright paintwork with a high quality finish. 15 years after restoration, the MG was flatted down and re-painted again so a high quality bright Red finish was still in place, matching the high quality finish of the rest of the car. The bodywork is exceptionally straight with lovely straight wings, perfect closing doors with impressive gaps and panel alignment. The chassis is in excellent condition, as are the battery boxes and wood floor panels. The interior is delightful with lovely aged Black leather with Red piping, superb carpets, headlining, dashboard and door cards. The engine bay is beautifully presented; the boot floor very clean and nicely painted and painted wire wheels are still in very good order many years after replacement.

Our MGA will fulfil many purposes, whether it is a classic car for annual use, long distance touring, rallies, and events or for preparing for show events, this car is ideal. With careful detailing, it has the potential to be put into competitions, or it can be a usable classic car in excellent condition capable of any journey. The last owner has mainly used the car for weekend use, shows and rallies and has thoroughly enjoyed the car. In summary, SVS 923 is very strong mechanically, requires no major work and presents very well in stunning condition throughout. 

Price: £SOLD