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1982 Maserati Merak SS

The Maserati Merak SS was introduced in 1972 and production ran for ten years. The model was produced in very low numbers, under 2000 were ever made including 993 Merak SS models according to the Maserati owners club. The Merak has the Maserati designed quad-cam V6 engine and in comparison to the V8 powered Bora model running costs are low, there is room for small rear seats and handling is reported to be improved due to a lower weight and better front/rear weight distribution. The rare, Merak has a superb combination of beautiful Italian body styling with excellent performance offering high speed and impressive acceleration.

This lovely, usable and very original example was last sold by us in 2014 and now has a recorded mileage of 22,000. When arriving with us four years ago the Maserati had a programme of work to including re-commissioning brakes, new steering joints, new suspension bushes and wheel bearings and we later had the engine stripped down and rebuilt with new main bearings, big end bearings, exhaust valves, valve guides, inlet valve stem oil seals, Omega pistons, all new gaskets, oil seals and water pump. Parts were all supplied by marque specialists McGrath Maserati and total expenditure of engine work was in the region of £8000. In 2014 the Merak had also been subject of a full professional re-paint and as a result the car has a stunning, deep paint finish and the bodywork is exceptionally straight with superb panels. Having been well garaged and only covering 1000 miles since, the Maserati still presents very well with a deep finish.

We know the Maserati changed hands in 1998 with 13,000 miles recorded and by 2002 the car was sold again with a mileage of 16107. At this point, the car was taken to McGrath Maserati and substantial work was carried out to include new clutch, clutch release bearing, clutch cover and slave cylinder, replacement crankshaft spigot bearing, crankshaft rear main oil seal, lower wishbone bushes, re-faced flywheel, renewed gearbox input shaft, rear brake pads, reconditioned rear brake calipers, re-conditioned LHM hydraulic pump and re-conditioned headlamp switch. Various other work was carried out during this time totalling in excess of £12000 including the above work. The Merak was treated to a full stainless steel exhaust system, some re-wiring work, re-furbished wheels, new head gasket set, rocker cover gaskets and reassembled camshaft chains. Since this work, just 5000 miles have been covered and only 1000 miles covered since the engine rebuild in 2014. Over the past two years the Maserati has been dry stored and as a result has been subject of some re-commissioning work over the summer of 2018. Over £15,000 has been spent on the car to include a brand new LHM tank, re-conditioned steering rack, steering rack ends and boots, front shock absorbers, front discs and pads, new brake disc bells, fuel tank sender unit, gear changes bushes, speedo cable, starter motor, a full service and a set of new tyres.

On the road the MXI 514 is outstanding with high performance, excellent running gear and is fantastic fun. The car is quick responsive and handles and brakes superbly. This rare model offers a superb driving experience and still represents excellent value for money. This Maserati Merak SS is ideal for regular use and ideal for collectors looking to purchase low production, high performance cars. These cars are in high demand and are sensibly priced in comparison to the model's competition.

Price: £SOLD