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1968 Mercedes Benz 200 Fintail

We first sold this stunning, late Mercedes Benz 200 Fintail in June 2015 to a West Yorkshire based Barrister who has regularly commuted from the Harrogate area to Leeds City Centre. The car has proven a true pleasure to own over the past year or so proving reliable, comfortable and being capable of daily, rush hour City driving. Having enjoyed the Mercedes, our regular customer has made his annual change now sampling a Rover P5B Coupe. LAA 591F was manufactured during the final year of production for the model and this examples benefits from all the updates across the Fintail's life. With 94bhp compared to the 79bhp of its 91cc smaller 190c predecessor and using a four speed manual column shift transmission (a four speed automatic was optional, as was a floor mounted gear lever for the manual), the 1275kg saloon could carry occupants to 62mph in 15.2 seconds and could reach an impressive top speed of 99mph.

LAA 591F presents very well having being subject of a full re-paint around five years ago. Photographs are present in the history file and several years on the car has a lovely, deep shine to the paint finish. The chrome work is of a lovely standard throughout and roof, wheels and trims have been more recently re-painted at a cost of over £1500 in 2015. After 48 years of service the original MB Tex upholstery is still looking very smart and on opening the drivers door the original dealer plate can been seen, still affixed to the sill carrying the details of Normand (Mayfair) Ltd, a Company still trading to this day. Carpets are in lovely condition, as are original door cards, the headlining and dashboard. Over £400 was spent in 2015 on a classic radio and speakers, all working correctly and further enhancing the driving experience of this usable classic saloon. Further improvements in 2015 included a re-trimmed parcel shelf, new re-trimmed draft excluders, padded and re-trimmed rear window surround and new boot seal.

On the road, the 1998cc overhead cam, four cylinder M121 engine mated to two Solex 38 downdraft carburettors underpins a driving experience that allows you to keep up with modern traffic without a worry. The wonderful retro feel of the four speed column change gearbox works well and the car handles and brakes superbly. Recent mechanical expenditure includes new king pins, new rear wheel cylinder seals, new front brake hose and new locking devices to the front brake calipers. In 2014 the engine was stripped and treated to new main bearings and shells and the cylinder head treated to new valve guides, exhaust valves, valve stem oil seals and 'o' rings and re-cut valve seats. The Mercedes was also treated to new clutch pipe, new manifold gaskets, rear oil seal, water pump gasket, new steering drag link, new genuine Mercedes Benz hoses, and new timing chain. The Mercedes is great fun to drive and feels tight, responsive and very grand with its large steering wheel and fabulous view of its large bonnet and Mercedes Benz three pointed star. LAA 591F is very strong mechanically, and is a superb driving, honest example that can be driven long distances with confidence. 

Price: £SOLD