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1971 Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda

We are delighted to offer this outstanding Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda onto the market. The car was manufactured in December 1970 making this an incredibly late model as production of this model ceased in February 1971. ODH 141J comes with a comprehensive history file with records dating back to when the car was just a few years old. A comprehensive US history details maintenance and restoration work since the 1970’s with just three owners until it came to the UK in 2006. The Pagoda has been with its most recent owner since 2008 and over the past eight years has spent time in both the UK and the Algarve. The Mercedes has covered in the region of 6000 miles since last changing hands and it’s been ideal for keeping in Portugal at the most recent owner’s holiday home.

Since coming to the UK, it has been sold by one of the UK's leading Pagoda suppliers who have charged in the region of £10,000 for work carried out in 2008. This included stripping the interior and re-upholstering it, overhauling the air-conditioning system, rectifying oil leaks and fully servicing the car. Whilst out in Portugal in 2009, they also supplied new gearbox shift link bushes, gear selector spring bushes and a new shift rod and back bush. Maintenance work in 2013 included a new propshaft bearing and since then the Pagoda has just required servicing. The car has comes to us in beautiful order and is absolutely perfect for on the Continent open or closed touring. This Pagoda has been mainly kept on mainland Europe since being acquired in 2008 and is not the usual, recently imported US left hand drive example that is in need of major work. This car has been properly owned and maintained, and prior to coming over from the US, had just three careful owners who have been meticulous in keeping the car in beautiful condition. Not only has the cars history been well documented, it has been kept in its original colour from new and has been used over in the US for long distance touring. Photographs in the file show the Pagoda with proud owner at the 2004 Cooper State 1000 rally, a four day event with 80 qualifying classics with driver and co-driver. The last US owner bought the Mercedes in 1992 and was based in Phoenix Arizona so we can say we confidence it has been kept in a dry state.

Going further back into the history of this SL we know it was sold to its second owner in 1976 who covered 55000 miles in the car up to selling it in 1992. During his long term ownership major work included a new clutch and pressure plate, top end engine rebuild and re-conditioned cylinder head, new timing chain, new rear axle seals, new exhaust system, new voltage regulator and new Bilstein shock absorbers. Work from the 1990's with its third owner, prior coming to the UK included all new brake hoses, rebuilt master cylinder, new suspension spring, new suspension bushes, new choke thermostat, new ignition items, new coolant hoses, new fuel pump hose, new wheel bearings, front and rear calipers and servicing of the injector pump. There are also comprehensive records of the car being stripped down and treated to new seals, gaskets and plastic trims. This programme of work also included re-chroming and new body mouldings and trims. The car has also been beautifully painted and has an exceptional, straight bodyshell.

We could talk even further about the extensive records with the car, but importantly we can say that the car has arrived with us in truly beautiful condition. The paintwork is first class, the body is stunning, the factory hard top and soft top are in lovely order and the re-trimmed upholstery is fabulous. The boot compartment is sharp, clean and just as the rest of the car; the engine bay is also very impressive with a light coating of wax to protect the Silver paintwork. The chrome is gleaming and on the road this Pagoda does not disappoint. The engine performs superbly with excellent oil pressure, the four speed manual gearbox feels tight and changes up and down smoothly, the steering is light, the brakes sharp and the general handling of the car simply first class. ODH 141J is a wonderful machine with good history, low ownership and it presents in stunning condition throughout. This is a car for the discerning buyer; it's an ideal collector's car that can be extensively toured with confidence, just as the last owner has.


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