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1978 Mini 1275 Uprated

This absolutely first class high specification Mini has been subject of a seven year rebuild taking it to an exceptionally high standard. The Mini was completed in 2015 and has had three years of careful use and arrives with us in pristine condition. The cost of a rebuild to this standard would be well in excess of our asking price therefore presenting an excellent opportunity to buy such a special car that has been rebuilt with no expense spared. Further, the Mini has been rebuilt to a very exciting specification and is far from standard having impressive performance and stunning looks with great detail going into the beautiful engine bay and body coloured underside.

The Mini bodyshell was stripped down and rebuilt using Heritage panels. It has had the benefit of new sills, new jacking points, new inner and outer wings, new front panel assembly, new scuttle panel, new A panels, new bonnet, new boot lid and hinges, new door skins and hinges, new battery box, new rear valance and new rear panel assembly. The Mini shell was then painted inside and out in British Leyland Java Green. The original subframe was bead blasted and powder coated, the rear subframe was replaced and new Moulton smootha ride suspension kit fitted including new front and rear cones, fully adjustable suspension units front and rear and all new shocks. Re-conditioned radius arms and front top arms were fitted, and poly bushes fitted right throughout the car. New ball joints, CV joints and wheel bearings were also fitted. The steering system was treated to a new rack, track rod ends and steering column bushes and the brakes treated to a front disc conversion so all new discs, calipers, swivel hubs etc. New rear back plate assemblies were fitted so drums, shoes, cylinders etc were all replaced, and all new copper pipework, braided hoses and hand brake cables were fitted. The brake master cylinder was also replaced.

A fully re-furbished 1275cc engine was fitted to the Mini, Bannister Engines converted it to run on unleaded, the block was bored to accept plus 20 pistons, the crank re-ground on main and big ends and the oil pump replaced. The engine was also treated to new cam bearings, new cam followers, new timing wheels and chains, all new gaskets and new rocker cover. A fully re-furbished gearbox was purchased, a quick shift gear lever kit fitted, a new lightened flywheel fitted along with a new four core radiator and all new silicon hoses. Further brand new parts included a manifold, RC40 exhaust, carb inlet manifold, HIF44 carb, new clutch pressure plate and AP Racing clutch plate and diaphragm. The electrics and ignition were treated to a new Lucas distributor, new alternator, coil, high performance ignition leads, new wiper motor, new main power cable and earth, new Smiths tachometer, new windscreen washer pump, brake light switch and sound system.  Lighting was all replaced, and the heating and cooling system treated to a new heater matrix, heater valve and cable, all new heater hoses, new fan, fan belt, thermostat and water pump.

External finishing included new Dunlop alloy wheels, Yokohama tyres, new bumpers, new front grill and surrounds, new locking petrol filler cap, new chrome flip top petrol cap, new windscreen, old stock British Leyland mud flaps, leather bonnet straps, new wheel arch trims, mirrors, chrome window finishers, new door glass channels, new windscreen wipers and all new seals and trims. The interior was completely re-trimmed with seats re-upholstered and door cards matching. Carpets were replaced, interior insulation replaced, a Black headlining was fitted, a new bottom dash pad rail fitted, a whole new dashboard fitted and sun visors, door seals, boot seal and boot board all fitted. The result is a beautifully presented car that is ready to drive away and enjoy. The paint is first class, the body exceptional, the painted underside is stunning and the external finish and detailing is delightful. The engine bay is show standard, the boot perfect and the interior beautifully styled and finished. On the road the Mini doesn't disappoint either. It's super quick, the exhaust note a delight and the Mini handles, steers and brakes brilliantly. It's super impressive on the road and something quite special. They are hard to find like this, particularly one that so much hard work and detailing which is clearly evident. Invoices and photos of the work accompany a car that must be one of the best Mini's we've had.

Price: £SOLD