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1947 Morris 8 Series E

The Morris 8 Series E was in production from 1938 to 1948 with over 120,000 units. Production did continue through WW2 for military, essential civilian use and some export. The engine was very similar to the earlier Morris 8 Series I and II but upgraded to the USHM type getting a new cylinder head. The engine was still sidevalve but with slightly increased power. The Series E model was capable of 58mph. One of the most obvious changes in appearance was the vertical headlamps on modified front wings as these gave more light than the original lights used on the earlier models.

This very usable Morris Eight Series E has come to us taxed, tested and ready to go. The engine runs nicely and overall is a delightful, fun car to drive. The paintwork is smart and presentable and the body is sound with a good underside. The interior has been re-trimmed in recent years and presents very well. This makes an ideal first classic and can be used and enjoyed with confidence.

Price: £SOLD