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1922 Morris Bullnose Cowley 2 Seat Tourer with Dickey

This delightful early Morris Bullnose Cowley is a car we know very well having sold it in 2010 and again in 2015. In 2010 an elderly customer of ours in York bought the Bullnose and as part of the preparation work we overhauled the switchbox, re-conditioned the steering box and both the magneto and dynamo were rebuilt and re-wired. Over the five years the Bullnose was not really used. It was continuously cleaned, was regularly fired up and kept on blocks in the owner’s workshop. In 2015, we sold the car to another long term customer, this time in Lincolnshire. We stripped and cleaned the carb, cleaned the fuel lines, replaced the fuel tap and carried out a service. Once the Morris began to get use, a differential issue came to light and we removed the rear axle and diff and at a cost of over £1000 has it overhauled. Since then the Bullnose has been used on the show and rally circuit and has performed faultlessly in almost two years of ownership. It is now a superb driving, reliable and wonderfully usable Bullnose.

EL 6583 was first registered on 29th November 1922 and is known as the Model MC2, 2-Seat Tourer. It also has the useful rear dickey seat that can carry two passengers or plenty of luggage. The car is in charming condition with a lovely patina. It is an older restoration that has been meticulously kept and paintwork and bodywork are of a very high standard. The upholstery was re-trimmed many years ago and today looks outstanding. The hood is in excellent order and the Morris presents superbly throughout with a nicely aged feel.

On the road the Bullnose is fantastic with a lovely quiet, smooth 1548cc 11.9hp engine. The gearbox is delightful to use and changes up and down and very nicely. The car has rear wheel brakes only and with the rebuilt steering box it drives as good as anyone could expect of a Bullnose. Driving the car is easy, great fun and the Morris is usable, reliable and very strong mechanically. EL 6583 is clean, presentable and ready to be driven on a regular basis. These very early cars are fast appreciating and rare models in this condition can prove difficult to find. 

Price: £SOLD