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1968 Morris Minor Traveller

Who doesn’t love a Morris Minor? Instantly recognisable, as British as Winston Churchill and as practical as a modern run-around. This fine example has come to us from its previous owner in Ireland who had owned the Traveller for over 14 years. MFV 617G was first registered on 28th August 1968 and presents in Almond Green with green upholstery.

The Traveller’s history file contains some photographs of restoration carried out between 2003-2004 to include; new wooden frame sections, new back panel, refurbished interior and a pair of new front wings and a total repaint. In 2016 the Traveller was treated the popular Marina brake upgrade kit which essentially consists of front brake discs with servo assistance making the stopping power significantly better than that of a standard Morris Minor. 

MFV 617G performs particularly well on the road with the distinctive, glorious and all-important Morris Minor exhaust reverberation sound. The braking is excellent and the car pulls well through the gears. It’s clear to see why these little gems have achieved iconic classic status and are the prefect entry into classic motoring. 

Price: £SOLD