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1926 Morris Oxford Bullnose 3/4 DHC

This wonderful, rare Morris Oxford Bullnose was first registered on the 20th July 1926 and registered to a Miss Edna Postlethwaite, London who kept the car for 46 years before selling to the Cooke Group. PF 3363 was kept in the Cooke Group private museum collection for over 20 years before being sold to a private collector.

PF 3363 is in truly outstanding condition with a stunning two seater with dickey body and wind up windows.  The car has a beautifully aged feel with excellent quality older paintwork, a delightful, Bedford Cord upholstery, superb hood and exceptional show standard engine bay.

The Morris is mechanically excellent with a perfectly quiet, smooth engine and starts on the button instantly. The car is a delight to drive with easy, smooth gear changes and good performance with the advantages of the Oxford model noticeable. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a very rare, low ownership Bullnose Oxford that has true provenance. Driving equipment includes a radiator Motometer, electric klaxon mounted on the running board battery box, matching rear view mirrors, two-piece opening windscreen, rear luggage carrier, GB plate and a Shell auxiliary two gallon petrol can. The Morris also retains its fully functioning dipping headlamp system, smoking companion and documented ownership history including 'buff' logbooks.

Price: £SOLD