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1928 Morris Oxford Empire Tourer

This is a highly interesting motor car was previously sold by us around two years ago, selling to a customer in South Wales who has completed in various rallies and events. Over the years we have sourced many rare, interesting vehicles and this is certainly something quite special. Not only does this rare Morris Oxford Empire have a fascinating history, it had travelled the World and comes with a detailed, comprehensive history file. The Morris has only ever had two UK owner, the first successfully toured France on several occasions and in order to achieve this without problem, has kept the car in strong mechanical condition. Our Morris has an ultra rare boat tail style body, original 2513cc, 15.9 h.p (16/40) engine and is capable of driving anywhere proving absolutely ideal for overseas touring and rallies.

The Morris Empire Oxford was a designed with the intentions of making a robust vehicle with high ground clearance that was capable of long distance touring, built to endure rough conditions. In July 1927, 250 chassis were exported to the Colonies, most were sent to Australia and New Zealand and some to India and South Africa. The four cylinder side valve engine had a bore of 80mm and a stoke of 125mm with a capacity of 2513 cc. It was designed with a track of 4'8" and it was seen as a challenger in the markets where rough conditions were experienced on a daily basis. Interesting features were fitted such as Barker Double Dipping Gear and a Smith's Maxfield Tyre Inflator, seen as essential for long distance 'Outback' motoring.

This particular chassis was sent to Australia and on arrival was fitted with a rare body built by Whatmore and Mackintosh of Brisbane. This body is the sole survivor, however there are a handful of other four seat tourers known to exist. Our Morris Oxford Empire was in regular use until the early 1950's when it was abandoned underneath a Mango tree in the Manly suburb of Brisbane. The car was left for ten years just 500 yards from the sea and was found with acidic fruit and leaves all over the interior, completely rotting the upholstery. We have photos of the car as it was found under the tree. In 1962 the Morris was bought for just 10 Australian dollars and it was towed back to the new owners home in Redcliffe, 28 km's from Brisbane. It was in Redcliffe where the Morris was restored and put back on the road. Many years later (1984) the Morris was sold to a new owner in Tasmania where it started a new life. The car travelled to Tasmania being towed behind a single decker bus holding the owners possessions. The Morris was then kept in daily use until being brought over to the UK via Germany in 2004.

In  2004, this Empire Oxford was purchased by a Morris enthusiast in Norfolk. The car was been delightfully 'fettled' and has covered thousands of miles both in the UK and France. Our Empire Oxford has proven to be totally reliable and capable of long distance touring, doing exactly what it was designed to do. The car has a real charm and is quite simply outstanding to drive. The car is strong, robust, powerful and a real joy to drive. It handles nicely, stops efficiently, charges adequately and pulls strongly through the gears. The mechanical condition is excellent, as it would need to be in order to tour on the Continent with confidence. The Morris comes with full weather equipment, honest, aged paintwork with a nice patina.

This is an unbelievable find, a true one off and is unrepeatable. The car is a delight, it is effortless to drive and deserves to be used and enjoyed. This very special car shouldn't be kept as a museum piece, it offers too much, particularly on the road when it is really at its best.

Price: £SOLD