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1948 Packard 22nd Series Touring Sedan

This exceptionally well presented, rare Packard 22nd Series Six Sedan was built in RHD format on the 24th February 1948 at the Packard Motor Companies Factory in Detroit, USA and then shipped to Cape Town, South Africa where it was first registered. The car comes with the most magnificent, detailed, comprehensive history and has arrived with us beautifully restored having had £31,000 spent since 2009. 164 XUT has led a fascinating life and comes with a packed history file of interesting stories and letters covering almost its entire life. The car was first owned by a farmer, Mr Havenger, in Rhodesia who owned the Packard for around 20 years. The Packard was to be eventually used as a tractor and by June 1968 it was found in an abandoned state and derelict in a Tobacco farm field. The car was discovered by Adrian Trebicki who negotiated to buy the car by trading a crate of beer. A memo notebook from 1968 is with the car detailing new parts and work being carried out to the car and it was this owner who kept the car for over 40 years, eventually shipping the car to UK as he career led him here in the 1980’s.

The new owner restored the Packard in Rhodesia during the late 1960's and put the car back in regular use, even touring South Africa at one stage. A comprehensive file of notes and invoices from the late 1960's and early 1970's is with the car. The long term second owner moved away from Rhodesia to work in Ghana during 1976, driving the car from Rhodesia to his parents in Pretoria, South Africa. The fascinating history file still retains letters from the Exchange Control Department at Standard Bank in Rhodesia to the owner's parents as the Packard had not been exported correctly back into South Africa, just driven over the border from Rhodesia and left at his parents' property. Eventually, after several months of correspondence the issue was dealt with. There are even letters from the owner Adrian to his parents from Ghana in the file, along with his International Driving Permit that is stamped as ‘not valid' for Ghana.

In 1981 Adrian Trebicki moved away from Ghana to work for Leyland Trucks in the UK and shipped the Packard over from his parents in Pretoria. Even this led to a story, with welding bottles on the ship falling and damaging the cars roof. A whole file of paperwork details the saga on its arrival in the UK. On the 19th March 1981 the car was MOT tested by Naylors Motor Sales (Leyland) Ltd in Leyland, Preston with a recorded mileage of 31871 and UK registered for the first time. The paperwork suggests this was the correct mileage from new.  Insurance paperwork throughout the 1980's and 1990's is with the Packard but the car was unused throughout this period. In 2009, after 41 years, the Packard changed hands, selling to an architect in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. Having been unused since its arrival and MOT test in the UK, the Packard needed restoration and the new owner then spent £31,000 taking the car to a beautiful standard. Having covered around 200 miles since MOT in 1981, the Packard was put back on the road and MOT tested at 32084 miles 28 years later in 2009.

Whilst the Packard was re-commissioned and MOT tested in 2009, the actual major restoration lasted over three years. Invoices, photographs and a six page detailed report itemises all work carried out. The body required major restoration and a full re-paint, all brightwork was removed and sent for re-chroming, rubbers replaced, new tyres fitted, the upholstery was beautifully re-trimmed, all gauges and dials overhauled, and electrics renewed as required. The Packard was mechanically overhauled and since then has been beautifully maintained, carefully looked after and has covered less than 1000 miles since completion of the major restoration. 164 XUT has now arrived with us in beautiful condition with stunning paintwork, a lovely straight restored bodyshell and the attention to detail is evident with its beautifully presented interior and clean engine bay. The Packard arrives with us in strong mechanical order, its six cylinder engine is in excellent order, the column change gearbox a delight to use and the Packard handles and brakes well and is lovely to cruise in. This really must have one of the most comprehensive history files we have seen, the car has a real story and it's interesting to read how a family cherished and really loved this car for most of its life. Adding to the many files and several boxes of invoices, letters, correspondence, notes, notebooks, e-mail dialogues and technical notes is a beautiful original Packard Service Manual for both body and chassis, original parts catalogue, handbooks, data sheets, brochures and much more. This is a special car and it must be preserved, enjoyed and cherished. There probably isn't another one in the World like this.

Price: £SOLD