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1964 Porsche 356C Coupe

We are delighted to offer this exceptional original RHD Porsche 356C Coupe onto the market. A Porsche Certificate of Authenticity confirms production was completed in October 1963 and the car left the factory in Signal Red/6407 with Black leatherette trim in RHD format with crested hub caps. From the production end date, we know this car is an exceptionally early 356C Coupe, perhaps the earliest available and certainly the potential to be one of the first RHD examples built. There is no doubt this car is one of the first 500 (RHD and LHD) with its early 1963 chassis number.

This beautifully presented example has all the qualities of a highly desirable collectors' vehicle. Firstly, presenting in its factory original colours, the Porsche 356C looks as it would have when leaving the Porsche factory in late 1963. This particular 356 is also the highly desirable C version, the last of this wonderful model series and for many seen as the most advanced and developed being the last of the line. The fact this is such an early example of the model is also very interesting, we know from Porsche records this was a 1963 car and it is likely the car would have left over components from the factory explaining features such as the earlier style fuel tank, T6C bonnet and scuttle grill and lack of filler cap.

GMK 75B comes with a detailed history file and it would seem the car still retains a great deal of originality. The Porsche spent around 20 years with one owner (from 1987) and coming out of long term ownership, the car was said to be in very original shape but requiring some light restoration work, The body was treated to new sills, the underseal all stripped back to check floor pans, the areas prone to corrosion around the headlamps were cut out and replaced with new metal and the car then re-painted. The Porsche was then treated to an engine rebuild that included re-grinding the crank, new barrels and pistons, the gearbox was removed, checked and required no work, a new clutch was fitted, new shock absorbers fitted, the steering box rebuilt, new brake pipes, new slave and master cylinder, carbs completely rebuilt and a new exhaust system fitted.

The Porsche was then ready for the road and was used for long distance touring. It covered in the region of 8000 miles and around 2000 miles alone were covered in 2014 touring Italy where it performed faultlessly. In 2017 the Porsche was in the hands of a classic car specialist who then carried out some freshening up work to ensure the car was presented in pristine condition. The 356 was subject of a glass out re-paint to an exceptionally high standard, complete sound insulation to the floor pans was carried out, a full interior re-trim carried out to include the factory headrests and a full service to include stripping and cleaning the brakes carried out.

Since January 2018 the Porsche has been in a private collection where its been displayed alongside other prestigious cars to include a Ferrari Dino and BBi, Aston Martin DB6 and early Flatfloor E-Type so condition had to be first class. The car is of true showroom quality with first class paintwork with a gleaming deep shine, the body is stunning with excellent gaps, the interior first class and the engine bay is beautifully detailed. On the road GMK 75B does not disappoint, its 1582cc engine is fabulous, its strong, performs faultlessly and the car is true delight to drive. Gear changes are perfect, the diss brakes certainly feel much improved when comparing to the earlier 356 models and the car is tight, responsive and is just wonderful in every respect.

Price: £SOLD