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1995 Porsche 993 Turbo 4 GT2

This truly unique Porsche is the result of a German Porsche enthusiast’s desire to create the ultimate air cooled 911 variant providing extreme performance and capability in all conditions, further enhanced on its arrival in the UK by Harry Metcalfe, British Motoring journalist and creator of Evo Magazine. With no expense spared, a genuine last air cooled model 993 Turbo has been enhanced into a GT2 whilst retaining the Turbo’s four wheel drive thus creating an incredible, totally unique super car with outstanding performance that could essentially be a rapid driving 4 wheel drive GT2 version, something Porsche never created.

The project began in 2011 when a suitable top quality 993 Turbo was sourced in Guards Red. The car was delivered to highly respected Porsche experts S&N Automobilzentrum in Aachen who were commissioned to convert the car to GT2 specification using original factory parts. Invoices are with the car clearly showing a no expense spared program of work that essentially took the 993 beyond GT2 spec. Not only were genuine Speedline wheels and a factory GT2 body kit fitted, something that could realistically only be undertaken by true Porsche experts, K24 hybrid turbo's with 100 Zeller Kats were fitted allowing for a power output of 520bhp, some 90bhp more than the standard GT2. 

When the car arrived in the UK, the Porsche was sold to Harry Metcalfe and subsequently delivered to Porsche specialists Autofarm. They inspected, serviced and further uprated the car with the fitment of lightweight GT2 Motorsport Glass, colour coded GT2 bucket seats, removal of sound proofing material and rear seats as GT2 specification, fitting of a bespoke standard GT carpet set and colour coded seat belts, GT2 gear mechanism along with a program of detailing work. The Porsche was then enjoyed and became very well known with various motoring enthusiasts with appearances at many events and track days and soon gained a strong social media presence. Having owned the car for several years, prior to parting with the car it was sent back to Autofarm for further fettling and a new gearbox in order to ensure its absolutely right and ready for the next owner to enjoy. Recently serviced and fitted with a brand new set of tyres, this outstanding, totally unique car offers the opportunity to own the ultimate air cooled 911 as chosen and so named by a highly respectable and experienced motoring writer and collector. This is a real one of a kind example, and a car that offers incredible performance.

With just 5000 miles since its rebuild and upgrading, the Porsche is in exceptional mechanical condition with thousands and thousands of pounds worth of receipts present in the history file. The exceptional mechanical condition is equally matched by the impressive, pristine paintwork and bodywork, re-furbished genuine Speedline wheels and recently fitted GT2 interior. Repeating the process of creating such a special car would cost well in excess of our asking price and to further enhance the car it is offered onto the market with the displayed, very valuable registration mark H550. This is an incredibly quick, powerful, fun car and the ultimate air cooled Porsche with the perfect combination of 993 Turbo 4WD and GT2 specification.

Price: £SOLD