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1994 Range Rover Vogue SEA

This truly outstanding soft dash Range Rover has arrived with us in exceptional condition having been subject of over £23000 of refurbishment work over the past 18 months. The car also comes with an exceptional service history and MOT certificates dating back to its first test in 1996 at just over 57,000 miles. Over the past 22 years the Range Rover has covered a further 62,000 miles taking the car to 119,000 miles from new. This Vogue SE A was supplied new by Merlin, Doncaster to the first owner in Braintree, Essex.

Merlin of Doncaster serviced the Range Rover at 2203 and 7612 miles and the next nine services were carried out by H R Owen in Colchester, Essex at 13872, 19474, 25637, 31328, 37293, 44650, 50912, 57731 and 63837 miles. In the cars first three years the Range Rover was serviced eleven times. From 1998 a service garage in Buckinghamshire took over maintenance and the service book contains eighteen stamps from 70010 in April 1998 to 110320 in 2014. The car was serviced on average every 2200 miles which would suggest why the car has been kept in such top class mechanical condition. Further services with independant garages were carried out in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In late 2016 the Range Rover was purchased by a long term friend and customer of ours in Worcestershire. On initial purchase he had the car checked over and serviced. It was treated to thorough service to include gearbox oil change, engine oil and filter change, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, drive belt replacement, Evans waterless coolant and further work to include a new ABS sensor, new rear shock absorbers, new anti roll bar bushes, new exhaust heat shield, two silencers and tail pipe. The under carriage was thoroughly checked and due to some evidence of rust, the Range Rover was treated to £11,000 worth of work. New panels included rear cross member, rear floor panel, new front floor section, new bumper assembly and fog light brackets. Whilst carrying out major underside structural work, front to back brake piped were replaced. On completion of underside work it was treated with Dynax underbody treatment. In 2017 the Range Rover was then treated to a top class full re-paint and the alloy wheels professionally re-furbished. The car was then presented in pristine condition and over the course of last year covered 3000 faultless miles, regularly making the journey from Worcestershire to Yorkshire. There is absolutely no doubt this is a top class example having had a body restoration and first class re-paint. Further to the top class external finishing, the interior is truly beautiful with lovely original Grey leather. The trim clearly demonstrates this has been superbly looked after throughout its whole life and has the appearance of a super low mileage car. On the road this Range Rover does not disappoint and drives superbly with excellent running gear, handling and performance. This is a very special car with exceptional history and condition is absolute key. This is a car to drive, enjoy and will most certainly not disappoint.

RANGE ROVER VOGUE SE AUTO from Classic & Sportscar Centre on Vimeo.


From Ailsa with Love from Classic & Sportscar Centre on Vimeo.



Price: £SOLD