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Reunited after 20 years!

Published: 1-Oct-10

When I was a five years old, my Mum took me to school in her recently acquired willow green Daimler V8250. We used to make the short journey to St.Patricks Junior School in Huddersfield on weekdays and at a weekend we would often take the car out, perhaps up onto the moors or the local Scammonden dam.

Mum used to joke that her shopping trips to town with us always took longer because there was invariably some passer-by casting an admiring eye over the car (and over Mum who was an exceptionally pretty classic car driver) saying "They don't put chrome like that on cars these days" My Dad, a Jaguar Dealer Principal in those days, had his E-Type 2+2 in the garage so I suppose the E-Type and the Daimler V8250 were the beginnings of a childhood full of classic car experiences and memories.

I have always said that one day I would like to find my parent's classic cars and buy them back. There are two reasons; nostalgia and also to begin my very own personal classic car collection. So, on a late July evening back in 2009 imagine my excitement when Dad phoned to say he had found Mum's old Daimler ALU 50H for sale on E-bay. The car was situated near Birmingham and was off the road without MOT. Dad always said that the Daimler was remarkably original and had a good, honest, straight body with original suede green leather. The car had not changed too much over the years but had benefitted from a full re-paint, an engine rebuild in the late 1990's and new carpet set. Externally the main difference was the addition of a set of chrome wire wheels and Coombes spats which I really think set the car off. I was very excited at the internet find and began to plan my trip to the Midlands. A couple of days later I was standing next to the car and after a bit of haggling, handed over a £500 deposit. The family was to be reunited with the Daimler after 20 years and my first phone call was to tell my Mother who was equally excited. Mum searched through our family photo collection and managed to find a few pictures of the car. I have posted two of them on the website and you probably won't recognise me as the young chap in the back with a red bow tie on. My mother still dressed me back then... The Scorpion alarm sticker visible next to my cheeky five year old face is still on the car!

The photographs were taken opposite the Buckstones Inn on the A640, a bleak moorland road which crosses the high Pennines west of Huddersfield back in 1988. I'm sure the Daimler will be re-visiting Buckstones for some up to date photos soon.

There was no rush to carry out the necessary work as the car was safely dry stored here and we've had a very busy year. After over twelve months of waiting, a brake overhaul, reconditioned radiator and a service and tune up, the Daimler is now on the road. Two weeks ago I had my first ever, real drive out in the car. I thoroughly enjoyed the drive and I had a big grin on my facing knowing I had made the right decision to buy it. I have lots of plans for ALU 50H, and there will be some upgrades and improvements before any long trips. Unfortunately due to other commitments I couldn't make Goodwood this year so that will be the first entry in the diary for next year.

I will keep you posted....

James Szkiler