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1937 Riley 9 Monaco Six Light Saloon

This fabulous Riley Monaco was first registered on the 15h July 1937 and was supplied new in Ivory with Red upholstery. We know from an early continuation brown 'buff' logbook that the Riley was in Devon in 1949, owned by a lady in her thirties. The North Devon based owner kept the Riley for 22 years and it was then sold to a gentleman in the same town. The last stamp on the logbook is from Devon County Council in 1971 but later owners in Reading and Bristol are entered into the logbook later.

Whilst the Riley has clearly been restored several years ago, it has a very honest, nicely aged look to it. The interior is absolutely stunning with excellent high quality carpets, lovely leather upholstery and nicely presented door cards, headlining and dashboard. The car has a true feel of class and quality and it is clear why these Riley's were known for their high standards of luxury and good level of detail.  The rare Six Light body is in excellent condition with a strong frame and lovely panels. All panels are straight, strong and complimented by a gleaming Ivory paint finish. The Riley has not been painted for many years but retains a high quality, deep shine and does presents exceptionally well. The underside is strong, well presented and shows signs that this has never been a bad car left off the road and neglected.

On the road this Riley is wonderful. It has covered in the region of 2000 miles since 2012 and has been well known on various show and rally circuits in the South East of England. The Monaco has proven totally reliable and useable and can certainly be driven with confidence. The Riley starts instantly, the engine runs quietly, smoothly and holds good oil pressure. The four speed floor change gearbox is very easy to use the Riley stops and handles as well as it should for a pre-war design. The Riley offers a great option for advanced pre-war motoring and not only is fabulous fun to drive; it can be driven with confidence and used for long or short distance touring without hesitation. 

Price: £SOLD