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1961 Riley One Point Five Saloon

This is a beautiful, truly outstanding Riley 1.5 that has been restored to an exceptional standard. We first bought this car in 2015 as an MOT’d, scruffy but useable example that was in the need of some improvements and quickly sold the car to a customer of ours in Derbyshire. Over the next two years the Riley was restored to a very high standard but also significantly upgraded to make a fantastic daily driver with more power, improved braking and five speed gearbox ensuring the Riley is much more enjoyable for longer distance touring.

Since we last saw the car five years ago its totally unrecognisable. The bodywork is excellent with superb clean shut lines, excellent straight panels and a high quality, deep Maroon and Cream paint finish. The chrome work is lovely throughout, the wheels have been re-furbished, tyres replaced and the engine bay extensively detailed. The interior is beautifully presented with lovely seats/door cards and boasts a stunning dashboard and new high quality carpets. The car is presented to win a local show and has clearly had real attention in detail in order to achieve such a high quality finish.

The Riley has been enhanced by a four cylinder 1798cc MGB engine that gives the car much improved performance. With a brand new Ford Type 9 gearbox the Riley is also ideal for relaxed longer distance touring and also has improved braking with a servo now fitted. Presented in first class condition, our Riley is equally as impressive on the road with superb performance, excellent handling, and braking, and is without doubt the very best Riley 1.5 /Wolseley 1500 we have driven. This is a fantastic car to use on a regular basis and it will not disappoint. The next owner can really take advantage of this opportunity, the upgrades alone, fitted would cost almost the price of the car, never mind the extensive and impressive restoration.    

Price: £SOLD