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1948 Riley RMB 2.5 Saloon

This Riley RMB is a totally outstanding motor car in every respect. HRW 17 has been restored to an exceptionally high standard and presents perfectly with beautiful paintwork, a fantastic body with perfect door gaps and a beautifully kept, waxoyled underside. The wood frame is exceptional, the chrome work gleams and the exterior presentation is first class. The upholstery is wonderful having had a total re-trim to include new leather, new carpets, headlining and door cards. The interior is first class and certainly the most impressive we have seen on a Riley RM. The car has been owned by a well known Riley collector who not only takes pride in the appearance of his motor cars, but likes to use them on a regular basis.

When driving this Riley is becomes very clear this is something quite special. This car does not drive like the average Riley RM. The car has a fantastic, strong rebuilt engine and with the upgrade of a 5 speed Getrag gearbox this is one of the most useable RM Riley's we have come across. This car is absolutely ideal for touring and the upgraded gearbox is perfect for the more powerful 2.5 litre car. The car pulls strongly through the gears and the gearbox is just a delight to use. This really is one of the most impressive driving Riley's we've had and with the consistent quality throughout the car, this is a very rare opportunity for the discerning buyer.

Going further back into the cars history we know the car had just one owner between 1966 and 1980 and from 1980 the Riley was with the same owner for 30 years. The Riley had major renovation work between 1980 and 1993 and further improvements totalling around £5000 in the last two years. The Riley comes with an extensive invoice file with documentation dating back to 1999 and it is clear from the invoices that real attention to detail has been paid on this car.  The more recent work includes the re-trimmed upholstery and a full strip down, re-paint and re-fit with new rubbers, seals and various other detailed items. The car is worthy of winning shows but even more appealing is the usability of the car. HRW 17 is ideal for long distance touring, taking on the Continent and really enjoying to the maximum potential.

A truly outstanding car that will be difficult to replicate.

Price: £SOLD