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1949 Riley RMB 2.5

KLM 234 was first registered on the 24th January 1949. The Riley had one Cheshire based owner from 1985 to 2011 who spent a staggering £27,000 on this wonderful show vehicle. In late 2011 we supplied the Riley to a Yorkshire classic car collector and we are delighted to once again offer the finest RM we have had the pleasure of selling onto the market.

The Riley was originally rebuilt back in 1986 over three years. A full mechanical overhaul to include a full engine rebuild was carried out along with other work such as re-chroming, re-conditioning the instruments, rebuilding the carbs and re-wiring the car. The interior was also fully re-trimmed in the original Bedford Cord material. Between 2002 and 2008 over £10,000 was spent on gearbox work, annual maintenance, fully overhauling the braking system, a new Vintage Wireless Company stereo and fitting/wiring. After parts and the radio cost, over £7000 was spent with one specialist Company on labour and all invoices are present. The car was maintained to the highest of standards as you would expect at this cost. More recently between 2009-2011 the Riley was yet again put through a full body restoration which was carried out to a superb standard. Invoices throughout this period are in excess of £13,000 and the result is the most outstanding example that is worthy of any collection.

KLM 234 has exceptional bodywork with gleaming, deep paintwork. The chrome work is fabulous throughout the vehicle and the upholstery looks new although re-trimmed over 20 years ago. The Riley is outstanding to drive and has covered little over 15,000 miles since 1985. The car performs superbly with a beautiful, powerful engine holding excellent oil pressure. The gearbox is fabulous and the steering feels tight and correct. The car is sharp on the brakes and the suspension is perfect with replaced springs and polyurethane bushes. The Riley is ready for showing, touring or a private collection.


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"It was experience to buy an unseen vehicle our knowledge and expertise exceeded my expectations. Buying a car can be very stressful; Classic & Sportscar Centre removed the Stress and filled it in with ..." FULL testimonial here

Price: £SOLD