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1936 Rolls Royce 20/25 Barker Bodied Limousine

On the 23rd of October 1935 chassis number GLJ69 was delivered from Rolls Royce in Derby to Barker & Co Ltd in Notting Hill, London for the building of a seven seater Limousine body. Once built and completed, the Rolls Royce was supplied to the first owner Sir William Waters Butler by Mayfair agent Charles Follett. According to the factory build records and chassis card records GLJ69 was a long chassis and ordered with division and extra occasional seats. Interestingly, first owner Sir William Waters Butler (1866-1939) was Chairman of the famous Mitchell & Butler Cape Hill Brewery, Birmingham which closed in 2002.

Sir Williams Waters Butler was a great reforming influence in the industry and one of its most prominent as well as successful practitioners between the wars.  According to Birmingham history forums, he contributed to the City and its citizens in many ways and to this day his legacy remains, notably via a Mitchells & Butlers charity, 'The William Waters Butler Welfare Fund' for the benefit of employees and local communities, and the Sir William Waters Butler Award for the best students in Brewing.

In 1939 the Rolls Royce was transferred to Lady Waters Butler but unfortunately we cannot trace the history from 1939 to 1953 when a replacement 'buff' logbook was issued. From 1953 to 1962 BOL 800 was in Middlesex before moving to a new owner in Hampshire until 1968. In 1968 famous Scottish folk singer Jimmie McGregor owned the Rolls Royce, registered to a London address until 1972. From 1972 the car was in Essex and remained with the same family for over 20 years. The Rolls Royce was subject of a full body restoration in 1985 with photographic record. The restoration involved stripping the body back to bare metal and all necessary repairs carried out. 

Finished in Indian Ivory over Imperial Black, BOL 800 retains lovely original Westmorland Beige cotton upholstery in the rear and black leather front seats which have been recently re-trimmed as original. In 1996 this 20/25 was registered in Northern Ireland where it has had a long term owner. The car has been very well maintained and in 2003 was treated to an engine rebuild with an unleaded alloy cylinder head. Invoices for new pistons are with the vehicle's comprehensive history file which also contains an original handbook, old MOT's and various invoices for work carried out in the early 1990's. MOT certificates date back to 1972 when the Rolls Royce recorded 34,468 miles. The recorded mileage is now 69,000 showing the car has covered almost 35,000 miles in the last 39 years. In recent years the Rolls Royce has had regular use with 27,000 miles covered with one owner from 1996 to 2011.

The condition of BOL 800 today is exactly as you would expect of a car that was restored during the 1980's. The body is very straight with bright paintwork that is not without the odd blemish. The photographic record shows the detail in which the restorer has taken to achieve an excellent result and the condition 26 years on since restoration is evidence of the quality and detail taken on the body. Mechanically the Rolls Royce is very strong with a rebuilt engine holding very good oil pressure. A new clutch has been recently fitted with stronger springs in the pressure plate and the Rolls Royce has a lovely smooth transmission with syncro's on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears.  The radiator has been re-cored and the car runs perfectly with no overheating. The car is a true joy to drive and clocks all appear to work, even the chassis lubrication pump is still in working order. Invoices are present for recent brake work and for added luxury a heater has been recently fitted. 

Overall this is a smart, presentable 20/25 that is capable of long distance and regular use. The car has a very original feel and whilst not cosmetically perfect, this is a charming example that can be used and enjoyed on any occasion. 


Price: £SOLD