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1930 Rolls Royce 20/25 Six Light Saloon

This stunning Barker bodied Rolls Royce Limousine was first registered on 15th December 1930. GK 2166 was delivered new to Colonel J.L Marr, eldest son and heir of Sir James Marr, Bt, shipbuilder of Sunderland. Colonel Marr was Managing Director of the Laing Shipyard and The Sunderland Forge and Engineering Company and also Chairman of the Sunderland Technical College Governors. The Rolls Royce' first owner was previously a Major in WWI and in 1918 was made an O.B.E. In 1931 Colonel J.L Marr passed away, only in his early 50's and it wasn't until 1933 when the cars second owner was recorded, Lockwood Wingate Esq in Notting Hill Gate, London W4. In 1954 GK 2166 returned to the North East where is stayed until 1997, changing hands several times in the surrounding areas of Newcastle and Northumberland. The Rolls Royce then spent a few years in the South of England before selling to the last owner in Southern Ireland in 2006.

From the history with the vehicle, including MOT certificates dating back to 1975 we know the Rolls Royce had a recorded mileage of just over 51000 in the mid 1970's. From May 1975 to March 1997 the Rolls Royce covered just 4651 miles, an average mileage of just 211 miles per year over 22 years. In 1997 the car moved south to Saffron Walden and a major programme of work was undertaken on the car. Between 1997 and 1999 various work was carried out including a complete engine overhaul. Main bearings were ground and re-metalled, big end bearings were found in good order but little ends were replaced and new pistons were fitted. The cylinder head was cleaned out, new exhaust guides and valves together with new seals for all valves. A new clutch centre plate and linings were fitted and clutch springs replaced. The starter motor was overhauled, carburettor stripped and cleaned, the radiator de-scaled, the condenser, distributor cover and H.T leads were replaced, the autovac overhauled and the dynamo overhauled. A new exhaust system was fitted and brake linings replaced, hubs re-greased and the lubrication system checked and repaired. Cosmetic work undertaken included fitting new front and rear carpets, replacement window channels, replaced hand pulls and the worst sections of the totally original West of England cloth repaired. Since this major work the Rolls Royce has covered 16,000 miles

Since selling to the last owner in Southern Ireland the Rolls Royce has covered 2500 faultless miles. The car has been used for some rallies and events over in Ireland and the Rolls Royce has been very well maintained. GK 2166 has not required any major work but maintenance and upkeep over the past nine years includes replacing tyres, repairs to the dynamo, carburettor adjustments and having the braking system serviced. The car has arrived back in the UK in outstanding condition and we can report the paintwork and bodywork are in truly exceptional condition. The finish of the paintwork is stunning and the fact it was painted well over ten years ago is remarkable. The brightwork is exceptional and the car does not require any external improvement. The upholstery is unbelievably original with the West of England cloth showing signs of age but still has a lovely patina. The front leather seat bases have been re-covered and we are happy to discuss re-covering the back rests. The dashboard and instruments are excellent and the engine bay magnificent. GK 2166 is in excellent mechanical order as expected having only covered 16000 miles since major work. It drives beautifully with a wonderful quiet engine holding very good oil pressure. It is powerful, cruises very nicely and the gear changes are excellent. The Rolls Royce handles very well and is an absolute delight to drive. GK 2166 is a stunning car in excellent mechanical order and is remarkably usable. It is a fabulous example of a 20/25 and can be used and enjoyed immediately without requiring any serious work.

Price: £SOLD