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1932 Rolls Royce 20/25 Sports Saloon

This wonderful Rolls Royce 20/25 Sports Saloon by H.J Mulliner was delivered on the 13th September 1932 to Major Bradstock of the famous London MG dealership University Motors. Interestingly, MG was a London Metropolitan number plate and it was frequently used by the MG Car Company to register their cars. The Rolls Royce was supplied with a long type chassis, offside spare wheel, locks to bonnet and polished bonnet hinges. The Rolls Royce was in London for its first year and in 1933 it was sold to L.A Clowes Esq in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Between 1933 and 1961 the Rolls Royce changed hands three times, all within Derbyshire. From 1962 the car was unregistered and off the road and when changing hands again in 1964, the Rolls Royce was back on the road. In 1978 a Rolls Royce with an identical body was advertised in 'The Times' newspaper, stated that it was 'believed to be one of two bodies produced of this type'. This suggests MG 1933 was the other, making this an almost unique opportunity.

This beautiful car has been with its last owner since 1991 and has attended many RREC events over the years. The Rolls Royce has been kept in excellent mechanical order and has attended events all over the country. Since 1991 the Rolls Royce has covered in the region of 25,000 miles and the most significant expenditure in recent years has been a full engine rebuild with no expense spared. The engine was rebuilt in 2001 and a total of 251 hours have been documented on the rebuild. The work has been superbly documented and included new cylinder liners, new pistons, conrods, re-facing the cylinder block, regrinding the crankshaft and re-metalling all big end bearings, main bearings and shims. New little end bushes were made and the cylinder head, valves and valve seats refaced. Whilst the engine was out, the clutch release bearing assembly was replaced, the magneto rebuilt, engine mountings replaced and new timing gear ball bearings fitted. The starter motor and dynamo were stripped and rebuilt and various other work completed. Since this major work, 15,000 miles have been covered. In recent months the Rolls Royce 20/25 has had little use but is clearly in very strong mechanical condition and will be prepared by us for its next owner and treated to a full service. The car drives very well and is currently undergoing appraisal in our workshop.

MG 1933 has a wonderful presence and has a stunning, rare body. The car is very impressive and is a very special motor car. It has a lovely aged feel and the upholstery is absolutely delightful with stunning, aged grey leather upholstery. The interior is beautifully finished high quality woodwork, carpets and headlining. The body is structurally very strong and the chassis excellent. The car has not had paintwork for many years and there are minor imperfections and signs of the vehicles age. Whilst the imperfections are minor, the car is remarkably impressive and the overall quality of the vehicle deserves a first class paint finish. We are happy to discuss this with potential purchasers. When lifting the bonnet, a stunning, superbly presented engine is revealed. The Rolls Royce has a lovely level of detail and this is most certainly a wonderful opportunity for a collectors or enthusiast.

Price: £SOLD