This truly stunning Rolls Royce 20/25 was bought new by the Lord High Sheriff of Wiltshire. Having bought his first Rolls Royce soon after 1916, in 1932 he decided to change this for a ...">
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1932 Rolls Royce 20/25

This truly stunning Rolls Royce 20/25 was bought new by the Lord High Sheriff of Wiltshire. Having bought his first Rolls Royce soon after 1916, in 1932 he decided to change this for a new model and bought GKT 17 (chassis no) and was mainy chauffeured around in it to perfrom his various functions in both town and country. From the copies of original factory records we can see that Rolls Royce sent the chassis to Lancefield Coachworks, NW10 and was sold by Wessex Motors Ltd, Salisbury.
Lancefield Coachworks Ltd started motor body construction in 1921, mounting a body on a Rolls Royce chassis for the first time in 1926. The bodies were mainly of a sporting character and were mounted on Stutz and Alvis chassis. The company ceased coachbuilding in 1948 and were still in business as aircraft component manufacturers in the late 1960's. This Rolls Royce does appear quite rare as very few are seen with the Lancefield body. This fine example has been mainly used for wedding work in recent years but it has also given owners lots of enjoyment through weekend use and the amount of admiration the vehicle gets.
The interior is fabulously trimmed with a black leather front bench seat and the exceptional cloth upholstery in the back. The back seat and smaller pull out seats are fabulosuly upholstered and really makes the Rolls Royce very special. The paintwork is of a good standard and some restoration work was carried out in 1993. All glass, chrome, lamps, badges were removed from the car, as were seats, door trims, carpets, seals, edgings and finishers from the interior. The paint was then fully stripped off including primers. Any defects to wood and metal was repaired and new running boards out of aluminium were made, as was a new valance to cover the petrol tank. All wheels were removed and shot blasted and the car was re-painted. New external door handles and running board finishers were fitted and the rear window surround was re-chromed and wings, glass, lamps and radiator were re-assembled. Mechanically, the gearbox was removed and a new clutch fitted. Work was carried out on king pins, the Auto Vac stripped and re-conditioned and the underbody was steam cleaned and waxed.
The Rolls Royce has a beautiful running engine and the gearbox changes up and down smoothly. It has come to us with MOT until April 2009 but we will be fully preparing the vehicle as normal with a full MOT and service. Please contact us for any further details that are required.

Price: £SOLD