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1969 Rolls Royce Mulliner Park Ward Coupe

This beautifully presented low mileage Rolls Royce MPW was purchased new on the 9th August 1969, supplied in Regency Red with Beige leather upholstery by J Barclay. The first owner, a Mr Morrison in Glasgow had the Rolls Royce serviced with local agent’s A & D Fraser Ltd on the 28th August 1969 at 1353 miles, 24th March 1970 at 6199 miles and on the 10th December 1970 at 12208 miles. In June 1971 Rolls Royce Crewe serviced the car at 16000 miles before the car was sold by S.P Broughton & Company Ltd to a Captain Coles in Gloucestershire. S.P Broughton, the Cheltenham main agents maintained the car until 1989, carrying out all MOT’s during the 1980’s and recording servicing at 25439, 31647, 32959, 33812 and 58471 miles.

During 1990 the MPW was serviced at 59561 and in 1991 at 60189 a Rolls Royce specialist serviced the MPW for its new London based owner and carried out £2500 of work to include new front and rear brake discs and pads, new brake pipes, new front shock dampers, renewed torque arm mounts, new steering gaiters and all engine mounts were also replaced. The Rolls Royce was to cover very low mileage whilst in London and in 1997 a Kensington based classic car specialist serviced the Rolls Royce at 61000 miles and carried out work to the exhaust system and brake/suspension system such as rebuilding brake calipers with new seals and pistons, replacing various piping to brake pumps and stripping and rebuilding hydraulic reservoir sphere pressure switches. In 1998 the cars Italian, London based owner took the Rolls Royce to Torno, near Lake Como and whilst in the North of Italy had the local Rolls Royce/Bentley agent carry out a service and further work to include a new sound system. Whilst this owner carried out very little mileage during the 1990's, it clearly was capable of some long-distance touring hence the cars trip to Italy.


In 2001 the MPW changed hands at 62000 miles and invoices are present from Royce Service and Engineering for over £14,000 between 2004 and 2010 for maintenance and upkeep.  This included overhauling the alternator, new windscreen seal and boot seal, new power steering hoses, all new coolant hoses, new thermostat, new manifold gaskets, stripping carburettors and replacing the jet assemblies, various upkeep to brakes and suspension and in 2009 bodywork and paintwork to remove any corrosion issues. A further £1700 was also spent during this period for restoring and polishing all the interior woodwork. In 2013 and 2014 Rolls Royce specialists Goudhurst Service Station in Kent serviced the car at 68938 and 69109 miles keeping up to what has been an unbelievably well-maintained car. In 2015 a further £6,500 was spent on overhauling the gearbox, de-coking the cylinder heads and overhauling the brake pumps. Most recently, at 74416 Rolls Royce/Bentley marque specialists Harvey Wash Ltd carried out a 6000 mile service and we can confirm the MPW was driven to us faultlessly from the South of England and has now covered a warranted 76000 miles from new.

This beautiful car has great appeal with such an exceptional history and lovely mileage but also is quite unique. Not only is the car 1 of just 606 MPW models made, it was professionally re-modelled to Bentley specification by Royce Engineering some 30 years ago. It therefore features the very rare Bentley grill and various badging. Having driven the car several hundred miles to Yorkshire we can be confidence with the cars mechanical condition. It drove perfectly running at correct temperature, the engine performed superbly, as did the recently overhauled gearbox. The car was a true delight offering real comfort and luxury. The cosmetic condition mirrors the cars mechanical strength and impressive history with lovely paintwork and bodywork, gleaming chrome, a beautifully presented engine bay and superbly finished boot area. The upholstery is also stunning with delightful Beige hide upholstery, excellent carpets, door cards, headlining and fabulous, deep and highly polished woodwork. This is a beautiful machine, a car of real quality and certainly one for the discerning buyer. The MPW comes with its original handbook, service book, MOT's dating back to the early 1980's and invoices for servicing and maintenance.

Price: £SOLD