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1975 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I

This beautiful LWB without division example has covered just 86000 miles from new and was first owned by Rolls Royce dealership Jack Barclay Ltd, 18-19 Berkeley Square, London. The original service book confirms Jack Barclay Ltd delivered the car to the first owner, Jack Barclay Ltd and the car spent its early life in London being serviced by Rolls Royce Motors Limited at 1060, 3134, 9019, 13331, 17717, 23415, 26131, 32601 and at 36008 in 1979. The Rolls Royce covered 36000 miles in its first four years having 9 services in this time, all with Rolls Royce Motors Ltd in London. In 1983 (39411 miles) and 1986 (44941 miles) the Rolls Royce was serviced by main dealers Armstrong Massey in the North of England and in 1989 servicing was taken over by Rolls Royce specialist Alan Fearon in Newcastle. Fearon Rolls Royce & Bentley have serviced the car at 51696, 58331, 64494, 70101, 76069 and 78441 miles in 2005 and the car was personally owned by the proprietor of the highly regarded specialists for many years over this time. The Rolls Royce was added to his own personal fleet of Rolls Royce cars and was fitted with a Gas conversion in 2003 enabling the car to be run on either petrol or gas.

Fearon Rolls Royce & Bentley sold the car to the last owner just a couple of years ago, a garage owner in County Durham so the car has continued to be exceptionally well maintained. The car drives faultlessly with a beautiful smooth, healthy engine, super smooth gear change and wonderful handling and super-efficient braking.  The car has been meticulously maintained over the entire previous 40 years and as a result is in strong mechanical order. The mileage is low for such a car, and the car has been in regular use, although mileage in recent years has not been heavy. The car looks sensational with a healthy suspension with the car sitting at the correct level, unlike so many tired examples that are not well maintained.

The car has lovely sharp paintwork, the Rolls Royce has always been Silver Chalice and the finish is beautiful. The bodywork is straight, panels are correct and the vehicle has lovely lines. The chrome work has a deep, high quality finish and the underside is structurally excellent. The interior has had considerable expenditure to ensure it looks first class and retains a stunning headlining, beautiful seats, carpets and door cards. We are told the Ebony dashboard finish was an option chosen in 1975 and certainly looks very impressive. This is a wonderful looking motor car with impressive service history, a real provenance from the cars early life and like with all Shadow's, condition is key and this one does not disappoint.  Further to this, the gas option is certainly a real selling point.

Price: £SOLD