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1938 Rover 10 Coupe

JHX 361 was first registered on the 2nd April 1938 and is one of very few surviving Coupe models. We have history dating back to the 1960's with this magnificent example and we know from the brown 'buff' logbook that it spent much of the late 1960's and early 1970's in London. In 1974 the Rover was MOT tested in the London Borough of Haringey and from 1975 it was off the road for 27 years.

During the mid to late 1990's the Rover was subject of sympathetic restoration that enabled the vehicle to be roadworthy again by 2002. The Rover covered relatively low mileage and was taken to various shows and events. JHX 361 was actually entered into the RSR National Concours Awards and won 'Best Pre-War Rover'. In 2007 the Rover engine was stripped and rebuilt with new pistons and shortly after we owned the car and soon found a new owner in the South East of England.

Over 5 years after selling the Rover, we have collected the car in the South East from an enthusiast who has owned the car since 2011. Over the past two years, a further £7000 has been spent on further improvements to include a full interior re-trim and various mechanical work including a full stainless steel exhaust system. On top of the £7000 expenditure, at some point since last seeing the car it has been totally re-painted to a very high standard. The Rover has covered less than 2000 miles since we last sold it and has come back to us in show condition. JHX 361 is in truly exceptional condition and has been restored to a very high standard over many years. The car presents beautifully with gleaming paintwork and chrome, excellent wheels and tyres, a perfect re-trimmed leather upholstery and a stunning engine bay. The Rover has been carefully detailed and finding another Rover Coupe in such superb condition will be difficult.

On the road the Rover is a delight with the 1389cc engine running beautifully. The engine has covered little mileage since rebuild and holds very good oil pressure. The gearbox is lovely to use and the car steers superbly having benefitted from steering work when last with us. The suspension and brakes are excellent, the ride is delightful and with such excellent all round condition, JHX 361 is a fantastic opportunity whether it be used for shows and events, touring or investment.

A fabulous, rare find that has been beautifully restored to a very high standard

Price: £SOLD