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1938 Rover 10 Saloon

This very sound and original Rover P2 was supplied new by EJ Gittens of Oswestry in 1938. The first owner was a Doctor in Newtown, Montgomery and he kept the car until 1948. Little is known about the Rover's history between 1948 and 1978 when it was sold through Sotheby's auction to a Worcestershire garage proprietor. The Rover was again sold in 1983 and apart from a colour change in the 1950's from the original grey to green, the Rover was totally original and unrestored. The owner acquired the Rover which by 1983 was in need of some engine work.

In 1985 a correct, 1938 Rover Ten replacement engine was sourced, fitted and now running well, the Rover was used on every Norwich Union Rally from 1986 to 1981 covering 200 miles per day and performing faultlessly. The Rover remained with the same owner from 1983 to 2007 and in the final two years of ownership, the Rover benefitted from a new clutch and totally rebuilt cylinder head with new valve seats for unleaded fuel, new valves and guides and gas-flowed polished inlet and exhaust ports.

Still wonderfully original, the Rover has a lovely aged leather upholstery complete with rope grab handles and rear sun blind. All instruments are present and correct including sump oil level gauge. The Luvax automatic chassis lubrication system is also in good working order. The Rover also has very rare pressed steel road wheels which were a feature of Rover export cars destined for the rough roads of the Colonies. It is believed the Rover was ordered for South Africa or Australia but was never shipped due to the outbreak of war.

AUJ 367 has to be one of the most original P2 Rover's we have owned. The car is delightful to drive and makes an ideal pre-war Saloon to tour with. In the three and a half years we have known the Rover, it has proved completely reliable and has not needed any mechanical work. Our Rover has lots of charm further enhanced by the marks and imperfections it has on the very old paintwork. 

A great find.

Price: £SOLD