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1939 Rover P2 12 Saloon

We are delighted to offer this beautifully restored Rover 12 onto the market. This is a car we know incredibly well having sold it to the last three owners over nine years and prior to that it was in the hands of a member of the East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club who enjoyed taking the Rover to local shows, events and rallies. In 2009 we sold the P2 to a local long term customer in nearby Pickering and over five years he covered around 4000 faultless miles in the car. In 2014 we supplied YJ 7296 to another long term customer in Gateshead and on his first weekend of ownership covered almost 600 miles driving South to Dartford and back proving what a tremendous, reliable driving car this is. We tempted our North East based customer into a change one year later, swapping over with a Rover Sportsman. Since 2015 the Rover has been based in Cumbria and after three years of enjoyable classic car motoring this trusting old Rover comes back to us, still in delightful condition throughout.

The Rover presents in beautiful condition and between 2004 and 2006 the Rover had substantial restoration to include various bodywork and paintwork. Considerable expenditure was put into detail improvements and almost £3000 spent on an engine rebuild to include re-bore, re-grinding the crankshaft, white metal machining work, bronze line valve guides, new inlet and exhaust valves, new little end bushes, new pistons and reconditioned oil pump. The flywheel was refaced and balanced, a new starter ring gear fitted and a new timing chain supplied. A new clutch was also fitted at this point. Since this major engine work over 10,000 miles have been covered and the Rover runs and performs perfectly. A comprehensive history file accompanies the car and further invoices date back to the late 90's to include some re-trimming work, new running boards and various mechanical improvements. We also have an original handbook, consecutive MOT's dating back to 1999 and one single MOT test from 1970.

Today YJ 7296 presents beautifully with delightful, deep paintwork with a splendid finish. The bodywork is exceptionally smart and the chrome work gleams. The car is wonderfully detailed and is ideal for entering shows. The interior is excellent with a superb headlining, high quality carpets and stunning leather. This is a superbly detailed car that has been maintained to a very high standard. On the road performance is excellent with a strong, perfectly running engine, lovely useable four speed gearbox and the car feels tight with perfect handling and braking. The car is an absolute delight throughout and is a car we love having back.

Price: £SOLD