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1947 Rover P2 16 Saloon

FFY 579 was first registered on the 18th June 1947 and is the highly desirable six cylinder model, the P2 16. The Rover was purchased by its last owners in 2016 and has been in regular weekend use. The car has spent some time on the show scene and has proven completely usable and reliable. The Rover has been based in Warrington, has been driven to various events in Cheshire and the surrounding areas.

Our P2 has proven very easy to own in terms of it not needing any major work and not causing its recent owner any trouble whatsoever. The Rover has been slowly improved and parts invoices since 2016 include new coolant hoses, brake light switch, contact breaker points, fan belt new condenser and ignition key. The Rover drives particularly well with a strong six cylinder engine holding very good oil pressure. The gearbox is strong and changes up and down the gearbox smoothly and the car is very pleasant to drive with good braking, handling and steering.

FFY 579 presents well with smart, bright Black paintwork and good chrome work. The body is structurally very impressive and the paint finish on the car is of a good standard. The interior trim looks well with re-trimmed front seats, original yet very nicely aged rear seats and an excellent new headlining. This strong, usable and reliable P2 is a very sensibly priced post war classic and is ideal for shows and rallies. Excellent value.

Price: £SOLD