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1947 Rover P2 16 Saloon

We are delighted to offer JCV 451 onto the market for the third time. This is a superb car and its ideal for long distance touring having had a very expensive overdrive conversion carried out, something we have never seen with a Rover P2. The car first came to us four years ago from one of our long term customers in Hertfordshire who between 2010 and 2012 carried out an impressive light restoration that included fitting new rear springs, all new rear rubbers, removal and treating of the fuel tank, a new wiring loom, new hoses, gaskets and thermostat, rebuilt carburettor, replacement distributor weight spring and the overdrive unit fitted in place of the freewheel. Cosmetic improvements included carefully treating the lovely leather seats, replacing the door cards, French polishing the wood, replacing the running boards and rubbers, re-chroming bumpers and carrying out some paintwork. The Rover arrived with us in 2014 and sold to a couple in Cornwall who kept the car for around one year, parting with it due to an imminent property development. In 2015 we sold the Rover to the most recent owner up in Lancaster who has really enjoyed owning it. Over the past three years it has had a new coil, distributor cap, condenser, spark plugs, points, new HT wiring with paper boots for the plugs, replaced the indicators and carried out various detailing.

The Rover comes with invoices recording restoration/re-commissioning expenditure and a fascinating note book that records mileage and maintenance between 1953 and 1978 . During this 25 year period the Rover covered 22000 miles before being laid up until 1991. The notebook gives interesting reading, noting work such as rebuilding the rear axle, fitting a new carburettor, rebuilding the engine in 1970 and taking the car on many journeys to include seaside resorts such as Bournemouth. In 1989 the Rover was sold and restored by its new owner. It was back in the road in 1991 but notes up to May 1991 highlighted some running problems. The Rover covered very little mileage throughout the 1990's and we have MOT certificates from 2000 showing just a few thousand miles over the past fourteen years to when it first came to us in 2014. Since first arriving with us, JCV 451 has covered 2500 faultless miles.

We have records from when the Rover was six years old with a mileage of 20,000 and paperwork confirms a further 29,500 miles have been covered since 1953. From this information, 49,500 appears to be the correct mileage from new and the delightful, original leather seats are commensurate with the low mileage. The Rover has a stunning interior and whilst it still retains some originality, it looks excellent with a replaced headlining and the recently replaced door cards. The bodywork is strong, straight and in excellent order and the paintwork presents very well. Chrome work gleams and the Rover does present remarkably well. On the road this P2 is fabulous with great handling and braking. The engine runs beautifully with very good oil pressure, the gear changes are lovely and smooth with no crunching and the overdrive kicks in smoothly and really enhances the driving experience. The Rover is ideal for longer distance touring and is a reliable, well restored car that presents very well.

Price: £SOLD