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1938 Rover P2 16 Sports Saloon

EUO 301 was first registered on the 18th June 1938 to a Miss Ruth Scott who owned the Rover until 1964. During 26 years of ownership, the owner moved several times so the car spent it early life in Devon, West Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Dorset. We have records detailing service history throughout the 1950ís and early 1960ís confirming the mileage was 24,683 when sold to its second owner. The Rover was with its second owner in Lancashire for 25 years and then sold to a Doctor in York in 1989 with a mileage of 42,000. The Rover stayed in York from 1989 to 2002 and from MOT records the Rover covered less than 1000 miles in this time. From 2002-2007 the Rover was in Bradford, West Yorkshire and within this period, very little mileage was covered. In 2007 the Rover was sold to a gentleman near Lancaster, who has thoroughly enjoyed putting 10,000 miles on the car in seven years, touring the UK and visiting us here in North Yorkshire on more than one occasion. Earlier this year, we sold the Rover to one of our regular customers in the East Riding of Yorkshire and the car has been taken out during the summer on a couple of occasions, proving faultless on the road. The mileage is now 53,200.

During the past seven years the Rover has been treated to thousands of pounds worth of expenditure. The excellent original body was stripped down to bare metal and professionally re-painted, bumpers have been re-chromed, wood work has been re-conditioned and the interior further improved with new carpets, door cards and headlining. The beautiful original leather seats have been carefully treated and are excellent. The engine has been rebuilt with new pistons and liners, the cylinder head has been overhauled and a new clutch plate has been fitted. The Rover has had a new set of tyres, a stainless steel exhaust, the rear springs have been re-tempered, shock absorbers rebuilt and the starter motor rebuilt. The Rover has also been re-wired and electronic ignition fitted.

As a result of the recent expenditure, the Rover is a true delight to drive and is very reliable and ideal for long distance touring. The engine runs perfectly with very good oil pressure, the gearbox is lovely to use and the car is quiet and comfortable to ride in. This is a genuine low mileage car that has been carefully re-commissioned and improved in a way that has retained as much as originality as possible. The car is excellent mechanically, presents beautifully with lovely bodywork, paint and bright work and the upholstery is delightful. EUO 301 is a wonderful, superbly maintained and prepared car that can be driven with confidence. Pre-war Sports Saloon Rover's like this are very hard to find.

Price: £SOLD