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1962 Rover P4 100

The Rover P4 100 was launched in 1960 and used the seven bearing, 2625cc six cylinder engine. The engine had substantial power and the car was capable of 100 mph. The four speed gearbox with overdrive gave more relaxed cruising, making the P4 100 ideal for longer distance touring. This beautifully aged and original example was first registered on the 30th July 1962 and is still in its original two tone colours and retains lovely, original Blue leather upholstery. We first came across this lovely example in 2015, selling the car for a customer based in Teesside. The Rover quickly sold to one of our long standing customers in Wem, Shropshire who annually changes his classic car. Since we sold the Rover it has covered around 500 faultless miles and comes back to us looking exactly as it did when it left.

XSJ 437 has a recorded mileage of 69,500 and is believed genuine and commensurate with the high level of originality. The Rover has previously won local shows for ‘Best Original Car' and has been used to covering several hundred miles per year. Annually the Rover front discs and rear drums have been stripped and cleaned then greased. The handbrake linkages have also been lubricated annually, as have the king pins so the Rover has been kept on the road year on year with careful ownership and attention to detail. It is clear the Rover has never been restored, and importantly has never required it. This is a prime example of a well maintained and very honest original car that has spent its life garaged and treated like a true collector's car. 

The Rover has a nicely aged, crisp paint finish with lovely straight body panels and good quality panel fit and door shuts. The underbody is excellent, structurally impressive and completely straight. The bright work has clearly been re-chromed at some point and is lovely, the engine bay and boot are smart, clean and original. On the road this P4 is first class with impressive power and performance. The Rover handles superbly, brakes are efficient and the engine is strong and pulls strongly through the excellent crunch free gears. The overdrive comes in and out smoothly and everything appears to work correctly. The Rover retains its original tool kit and staring handle, and its pleasing to see such untouched original upholstery that cannot be replicated. 

Price: £SOLD