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1950 Rover P4 75 Cyclops

VHX 311 was first registered on 19th April 1950 in Middlesex and left the factory in Black with Red upholstery. This is a very rare low mileage car and is an early model, recognised by the square dials on the dashboard. We have the original brown 'buff' logbook confirming the first owners, husband and wife who owned the car throughout the 1950's. From 1957 it was briefly registered to their Bournemouth Hotel but the car was kept in Middlesex. Since the cars very first owners, it has only changed hands three times, most recently in 2009.The Rover comes with history from new to include original factory card confirming factory line number and vehicle colours, Car Window Insurance for Rover cars, instruction cards, original Radiomobile sales invoice from April 1950 and MOT's from 1981. The car is without doubt one of the most original early 75's left. The car has covered just 37,700 miles from new and is an absolute time warp.

Until 2009 when the Rover last changed hands, it was well stored with minimal activity and maintenance since the 1980's. Since 2009 various re-commissioning work has been carried out to include having the fuel tank professionally cleaned and epoxy coated, the SU fuel pump re-furbished, the twin SU carburettors serviced and the cylinder head was removed, checked, cleaned and re-fitted with a new gasket. Several core plugs were replaced, an adapter fitted to take a modern external oil filters and basic ignition items were replaced. Further work includes the column change linkage being cleaned and re-bushed, the 4.3 differential has been replaced with a 3.9 unit for more relaxed cruising, the original is still with the car and the hydro-mechanical brake system has been serviced. The exhaust system has been renewed and the car has arrived in very good mechanical order. The engine and gearbox are in excellent order as expected with such low mileage.

The Rover is truly delightful and whilst the Black cellulose paint has suffered very little since it left Solihull, it has a beautifully deep Rover patina.  Some components have had good quality paintwork maintenance, probably during the 1970's with grill, horns, oil bath air filter and silencer, heater, spare wheel cover, jacking points, handbrake ratchet cover, road wheels, brake drums all having being nicely bead-blasted and cellulose painted. This is could well be the sole P4 remaining with original Rover jacking points and handbrake ratchet cover all in place and in ‘as new' condition. The body is in excellent structural condition and corrosion-harbouring components have been cleaned and coated with surface tolerant epoxy and show now been protected sufficiently for the next 60 years. The vulnerable areas like wheel arches, under wing areas around the headlamps, under door running boards and front floor pans under the adhesive sound insulation are all properly protected and have never required any work having being thoroughly inspected when protection methods were carried out.  

Overall this is a lovely, un-restored well maintained Rover in correct condition and the interior is beautiful and clean, the leather has been well hide-fed and the woodwork is in excellent order. The newly under felted carpets are in clean condition and are totally original and correct. The Rover has a lovely smart engine bay, a well presented boot area with correct tools and still retains its original registration mark. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a true time warp in excellent condition throughout. Finding another Rover available like this may never happen. 

Price: £SOLD