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1963 Rover P4 95

This beautifully presented, correct Rover P4 95 was first registered on the 26th April 1963 after leaving the factory finished in White with a Red leather upholstery. The Rover was registered new in Essex and was initially in the name of a Mr Underwood, before being transferred into Mrs Underwood’s name in 1964 when the car was just over one years old. The Rover stayed with the same family owners for 16 years until it was sold to a gentleman in Tonbridge Wells where the car stayed for the next 18 years. In 1998, the Rover sold to a London based Rover P4 Drivers Guild member who owned the car for 17 years until 2015 when it changed hands to one of our regular customers in Hertfordshire.

When selling to the its third owner of 17 years in 1998, the Rover was treated to some re-commissioning work. We have invoices detailing stripping the front suspension, shot blasting all components, rebuilding the front suspension with new top and bottom bushes, rebuilding the torsion bar set up, fitting new shock absorbers, overhauling the braking system as required to include new discs and pads and brake shoes, replacing inner and outer front hub wheel bearings and replacing inner hub oil seals. The fuel pump was overhauled, the carburettor was rebuilt, all ignition items were replaced, a new rocker cover gasket was fitted, and a new water pump also installed. The steering link arms were replaced, as were track rod ends and in 2000 the Rover was treated to new valves and guides. Since this work the Rover has covered 25,000 miles and has been enjoyed and driven on many club events and rallies.

Since 2015 our long-term customer has taken the Rover to a beautiful standard having spent thousands of pounds on the car. In 2016 the Rover was treated to a very good quality full re-paint in its original colour and has had new windscreen seals and various rubbers changed during the process. The Rover has also been treated to new seat belts, tyres, new brake servo, new fuel pump, new exhaust silencer and hours and hours of detailing. The Rover has arrived with us in lovely condition. The paintwork gleams, the body panels are straight and in excellent order, the chrome work is of a high standard, the engine bay is well presented, the boot area superb and the upholstery is beautiful and largely original with stunning leather seats. Our P4 is excellent on the road with lovely handling, a strong fit and healthy engine and gearbox. This is a perfectly usable P4 Rover in its original specification and colours, it has a structurally excellent, solid and well-presented under carriage and it retains a great deal of originality with a delightful honest and well-presented upholstery.

Price: £SOLD