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1968 Rover P5B Saloon

No cars in the 1970's seemed to have the same air of solid worth and self-effacing dignity than the Rover P5B. They were still doing sterling service when Margaret Thatcher arrived in Downing Street in 1979 to begin her eleven year reign. During Margaret Thatcher's tenure as Prime Minister, she ordered a dozen black Rover P5s, so that no-one in the government would be driven around in the new Rover SD1. The Queen also used to own an Arden Green Rover P5B. For years, P5B's were regularly sweeping into Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

Our Rover P5B Saloon is ideal for regular use and long distance touring. The car has covered in the region of 3000 miles throughout the summer of 2013 and was driven by one our technicians 220 miles from Essex. The Rover performed superbly with no problems whatsoever. The Rover cruised comfortably on the motorway, kept normal temperature when queuing in motorway rush hour traffic and arrived at base in the dark at 6.30pm having gone through one thunder storm near York.  The car is very strong mechanically holding excellent oil pressure and has already proven to us what a reliable, robust car it is. The Rover has an advisory free current MOT test and will be serviced and re-submitted for MOT once we have sold the car. From our long extensive test drive we can confirm the brakes, steering and suspension and all feel excellent, as does the automatic gearbox. Recent expenditure includes new rubber suspension bushes and a colour tune.

The Rover presents well with a good standard of paintwork and lovely straight body panels. The body is solid, strong and in very good order throughout.  The chrome work is clean and presentable and the engine bay nicely detailed. The interior has recently been treated to an expensive re-trim with beautiful beige leather seats, brand new carpets and door cards. The headlining is very good and original; the tool kit is part complete and all the gauges and dials work correctly.

LVC 789F has had considerable recent expenditure taking it to a lovely standard and as a result can fulfil so many purposes. The Rover can be taken to shows, events and rallies, but can also prove to be an excellent daily driving classic capable of reliable, long distance touring.

Price: £SOLD