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1968 Rover P6 3500 V8 Auto

This very genuine P6 3500 Auto has only completed 62,500 miles from new. The Rover stayed within the same family from 1968 to 2004 passing from father to son. We have been informed this car is the very first P6 V8 registered in Britain. Whilst we cannot be certain this information has come from a P6 researcher in Germany.

The car was bought from Timberlakes of Wigan, Lancashire on the 2nd May 1968 and this was the owners first ever brand new car. The car was used for pleasure (holidays etc) and was serviced by the owners own Haulage firm. Every four years or so the car was sent to a bodyshop in Leigh for treatment to any corrosion. In the cars lifetime, it has had three re-paints in its original Rover Green.  The owner stopped driving in 1989 and the car was garaged and not seen again until the owner's son inherited the car in August 2000.  The car was then transported to a local motor engineer to assess the current condition and to see if putting the car back on the road was viable. Surprisingly the Rover needed very little and was reported to be in very good order considering it had spent so much time off the road. All that was necessary to put the car back on the road was a new battery, new plugs, points and condenser, new fuel pump, new full exhaust and some minor corrosion on the boot floor to be dealt with. The car then passed the MOT, still with the original Avon cross ply tyres!

Once back on the road, a new brake servo, master cylinder and radiator were fitted. The owner also decided to fit an electric fuel pump. Besides this, the car is completely original with no modifications or drilled holes. The car was then sold in 2004 with 49,406 genuine miles. This mileage is guaranteed with support from MOT certificates back to new and having being with the same family from new. Since 2004 the Rover has had regular use and has covered over 12,000 miles in this time. 

The car drives beautifully with an excellent engine and smooth, quiet automatic gearbox. The running gear all feels and sounds superb as you would expect with a car that is so honest and gently used. The interior is fabulous and all original. Leather, carpets, headlining, door cards and dash are all excellent and tell so much about the life of this car. The interior clearly shows the car has never had a hard life. Chrome work looks original and whilst slightly pitted is very bright and acceptable. The bumpers have been re-chromed and are perfect. The body is straight and in very good order with stunning paintwork. We sold the Rover to a previous owner in North Wales back in 2010. During the three years of owership, the Rover covered over 2000 miles and was further improved. The Rover had a new water pump, a correct new radiator and heater box. The Rover has also had new brake pads and some minor detail improvements such as repalcement rear light lenses, replacement number plate lamp fitting and replacement over riders.

In early 2013, the Rover was treated to a full professional re-paint in its original colour. This is the third re-paint in 45 years and as a result the Rover has a stunning, high quality paint finish. Previous paintwork lacked a top quality finish and the recent expenditure puts our a Rover into first class condition. The front and rear bumpers were also re-chromed taking recent expenditure to over £3000.

This very early P6 is a fabulous motor car, a true time warp that has been preserved so well. The car is highly original and has been sympathetically improved over time. FEK 546F is an absoloute superb car to drive and is ideal for shows and rallies.

Very hard to find like this.

Price: £SOLD