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1961 Seddon MKV L Flatbed Lorry

This stunning, fully restored Seddon Flatbed Truck has come to us in part exchange and has been driven to us from the Wolverhampton area. This very rare commercial was built in January 1961, equipped with a 5 litre Perkins P6305 diesel engine and now has a David Brown five speed gearbox with AEC step up centre mounted gearbox to increase gearing for more comfortable cruising. The vehicle was supplied by Barton Motors new to English Electric Preston and sold in 1967. From 1967 the Seddon was used on a farm near Hereford for moving hay before being laid up from 1972 for 42 years. In 2014 it was purchased by the last owner who has carried out a full nut and bolt restoration. The vehicle now presents in exceptional condition and has driven over 150 miles to our North Yorkshire premises.

In May 2014 the full restoration began, taking well over 12 months to complete. The original body was fully rebuilt, all cab panels reused, seats re-upholstered and all the timber replaced. New front and rear wings, a new chassis cross member, a new wiring loom and new headlights were all fitted to the lorry. The engine, gearbox and clutch were stripped down and cleaned, the engine treated to new big end and main bearings. Wheel cylinders were re-furbished and brake shoes and copper brake pipes fitted, the brake servo and master cylinder were rebuilt and various brake hoses made up and fitted.

The Seddon retains its original registration mark and has a wonderful history file containing its original Victoria Driver's Logbook, various old invoices, photographs pre-and post-restoration and various restoration information. The Seddon is a wonderfully presented vehicle, is very usable as proven, and is an ideal collectors piece. This is a very rare piece of motoring history and is a credit to its restorer.

Price: £SOLD