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So refreshing to be on the receiving end of such considered and developed customer service

Good morning James, I hope I find you fine and well. Why the thank you I'm sure you are wondering...........

Had a bit of an altercation in my beloved Volvo P1800, like me she isn't perfect but none the less my pride and joy.

Spent a day looking on the internet for somewhere to entrust the repairs to.

Firstly your website does stand out from many others, the passion jumps off the page, the testimonials second to none.

I corroborated this via the Volvo Owners Club forum.

I have spoken with Mark now on two occasions.

Instantly I was put at ease, notably so, Mark listened with genuine concern and empathy.

He went through my options, did so without overloading, and most importantly set aside time to put my mind at rest.

In todays cut and thrust these simple fundamentals are all too often lost.

Throughout Mark's enthusiasm was quite infectious, even spent time giving a brief overview of the companies back ground and services it provides. I realised without any doubt in my mind the care and works done to my car would be no different to a vehicle worth many times more, this mirrored by the personal engagement I would receive and have received. 

After sending the detail Mark required I was afforded a personal call by Mark to acknowledge the receipt of my enquiry and assurance it was being worked upon and would arrive in my inbox in the next hour or so.

Any concerns or queries he would personally see to.

Most professional and thorough.

It is James, so refreshing to be on the receiving end of such considered and developed customer service.

A credit to yourself and all involved.

People quick to complain so thought I'd take time out to personally thank you for my experience, extend my thanks to Mark, whom after 2 conversations has for sure secured any further works to my car during my ownership.

Provided I desist from driving into things will be a life long affair.

Take care James