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1931 Star Comet Four Seat Tourer

The Star Motor Company Ltd was notable for the diversity and quality of it's product range. Indeed, it was the company's slavish devotion to excellence and abhorrence of proprietary components that would prove its undoing. As a result of not wanting to embrace a mass production ethos, the company began losing money on each model sold, and as a result, the Comet was discontinued in 1932 with arrival of receivers. The quality of this vehicle is exceptional, the engine and bulk head area is immaculate and shines like it was new. The coachwork is beautiful and has been painted to a very high standard. Inside the car is finely detailed, with beautiful blue leather that has an original look to it, yet clearly it is too good to be original. The Star is wonderful to drive, and has a more desirable four speed gearbox (silent fourth gear), opposed to the three speed that some much of it's competition had. The six cylinder engine sounds and runs like it did when new, and really makes this exceptional vehicle even more attractive. The weather equipment looks to have been trimmed recently, and really completes the car.

Price: £SOLD