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1956 Studebaker Champion RHD

This is an incredibly rare, right drive Studebaker Champion that has spent most of its life in South Africa, coming to the UK for the first time in 1989. The model is a very interesting design by Raymond Loewy who was famous for designing the original Coca Cola bottle. The car is styled with sculptured steel, was very innovative and dynamic for its day and featured flat floor entry (accommodate hat wearers), ladies peddles (easy to use with heels) and ultra light steering. Further interesting features included hill holding brakes, easy shift gears and rare flight style instruments with futuristic coloured display speedometer. We are told this is the only example known in Europe and is an ideal collector’s piece that can also be driven and used regularly with confidence.

This very well presented car retains most of its original interior. We believe just the front seat base has ever been replaced and therefore shows the Studebaker has never led a hard life. The dashboard is fabulous, the upholstery has aged very well and the car is spacious and very comfortable. It is clear from the strong structure the car has been dry for most of its life. The underside is rock solid, the bodywork straight and a nicely aged paint finish with bright chrome gives the car a nice original feel and patina. On lifting the bonnet clean, original inner wings can be seen and the car has a spacious, large boot.

On the road the Studebaker is very impressive and delivers great performance. The car cruises comfortably at 55mph, gear changes are swift and easy, the brakes are incredible and pull up sharply having been recently serviced, the steering is notably light and the car cruises gracefully and effortlessly. The most recent owner, a Doctor who was until recently based in the South West, is known in classic car circles as a true enthusiast who's cars have been involved in many TV productions over the years. He now has to downsize his collection and this is why the car has come onto the market. This is a rare one off opportunity that may not be repeated.

Price: £SOLD