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1933 Sunbeam 25 Pillarless Coupe

We are delighted to offer this impressive, rare Sunbeam 25 onto the market. This is a fabulous opportunity considering there is only one other Sunbeam with such coachwork known worldwide. We are told the other car resides in New Zealand thus being the only one in the UK. AXE 411 left the Wolverhampton works in 1933 and since has spent the majority of the past 82 years in the South of England. The Sunbeam spent its early life in Sussex, during the 1960's the car was in Surrey and since 2005 has been in Norfolk and most recently Cambridgeshire. AXE 411 comes with a well documented history detailing all previous owners, MOT certificates dating back to the 1960's and a file of receipts for major work carried out over the past twenty years. Prior to arriving with us the Sunbeam was driven faultlessly from Cambridgeshire to the South Coast and taken over to Jersey. The Sunbeam has proven a powerful, reliable long distance touring car and has covered around 2000 miles since major work to include a new engine block and re-conditioned cylinder head.

From reading previous owner correspondence in the history we know the Sunbeam was with one owner from 1967 to 1995 and used regularly during the late 1960's and 1970's. The car attended most of the club Sandhurst rallies over this period and MOT records also support the usage as test certificates are with the car from 1965. Mileage on MOT's was not recorded during the 1960's but in 1971 a mileage of 3500 was recorded and the history suggests that the car had always been kept on the road and in regular use. We know the Sunbeam was on the road in 1975, tax disc present, but was soon after garaged and its Sunbeam enthusiast owner opted to use his 18.2 model. Sadly during the mid 1990's the long term owner passed away and the car was given to a specialist for appraisal. The Sunbeam at this point required a high level of work but retained lots of originality. A new owner was found in 1995 and substantial work was then carried out. The engine was rebuilt with new pistons, new big end bolts, refaced cylinder head, recut valves seats, refaced valves and various machining work carried out. It was reported that white metal work had been done in 1965 and only several thousand miles had been covered since. The gearbox was inspected, the clutch relined and a higher ratio crown wheel and pinion fitted, ideal for longer distance touring. The electrical system was re-wired, brake system overhauled, steering overhauled and the suspension treated to new telescopic shock absorbers. The exhaust system was replaced and the starter motor and dynamo stripped, checked and overhauled. The bodywork was stripped down, floorboards and bulk head replaced and various frame work panels replaced or repaired. The Sunbeam was painted and various re-chroming work carried out. The interior was found totally original and treated to new carpets, new headlining and leather work carried out to the rear. Between 1996 and 2004 the Sunbeam covered around 7000 miles and then changed hands; between 2004 and 2011 another 6000 miles carried out and then AXE 411 sold to its most recent owner who has covered several thousand further miles and carried out the expensive work of replacing the engine block.

There is no doubt AXE 411 is an outstanding choice for a 1930's coupe styled long distance touring car. It has proven reliable, has covered thousands of miles over recent years and has come to us in strong mechanical order. The 23.8 H.P engine sounds wonderful, runs perfectly smooth and holds very good oil pressure both cold and hot. The Sunbeam runs at a steady temperature, the four speed floor change gearbox is lovely to use and the car handles well. The bodywork is in lovely order with smart straight panels and delightful older paintwork that retains a deep quality shine. The chrome work is bright, the wire wheels are in very good order and the Sunbeam has a large, imposing, handsome presence. The car has some wonderful features to include the short windscreen and working sliding roof and the upholstery is quite simply stunning. The beautifully aged leather looks preserved and in tact, the door cards and dashboard are in lovely order and the carpets and headlining are very smart. Whilst the interior has had improvement work carried out, it has an original feel and looks stunning. This really is a pre-war car to use and offers rarity, desirability, high quality, stunning looks and a high level of originality. AXE 411 is a piece of UK motoring heritage that must be carefully owned and preserved and at over 80 years old is a very special motor car in so many respects. 

Price: £SOLD