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Price: £18,995

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1964 Sunbeam Alpine Series IV

BKO 315C is an original RHD, UK supplied example that was first registered on the 30th December 1964. This is a car that has come to us from West Yorkshire having been with its last owner for two years covering in the region of 2000 faultless miles. The Alpine has been used for weekend runs and is offered onto the market in excellent condition, ready to use and enjoy. Over the past fourteen years the Alpine has covered 5000 miles, MOT tested most years and kept on the button and in regular use, often spotted on the classic car show scene in Yorkshire.

The Alpine comes with a well-documented history file. We can see the car had one owner from the late 1980's to late 1990's and during this time some restoration work was carried out. In 1989 the Sunbeam went to Alpine West Midlands Ltd and had a light body restoration carried out that included new door skins, new rear quarter panels, front quarter panels, new outer sills and rear valance. In 1992 the car was treated to new top and bottom ball joints, new wishbone bushes and rear spring bushes. Good maintenance continued and in 1998 the cylinder head was removed and rebuilt as required, and further work that year included an alternator conversion, rebuild brake calipers, new overdrive relay and wiring loom and various new seals and gaskets. In 1999 and new windscreen was fitted and various parts sandblasted in order to improve the cosmetics.

BKO 315C is a very good looking car and it clearly is an excellent older restoration. The underside of the car looks excellent in body colour and has been very well preserved, the general body and paintwork are of a very high standard, as is the chrome, Minilight style wheels and hood. The interior has a beautifully aged finish and the on road performance doesn't disappoint. The later and much imrpoved 1725cc engine is superb, it feels free revving, holds very good oil pressure and pulls incredibly well. The engine is a strong, fit unit and the four speed gearbox with overdrive feels great. The Alpine is fantastic to drive and has just had the benefit of £2000 of work to include a full service, new Pirelli tyres, track rod end boots, top and bottom ball joint boots, rear hub oil seal, re-lined rear brakes, new washer pump, wiper blades and engine mounts - the Sunbeam is now ready for open top motoring.


Price: £18,995