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1966 Sunbeam Rapier MKV

The Sunbeam Rapier was in production between 1955 and 1967. A total of 68,809 vehicles were produced and when the Series I was launched in October 1955, it was the first of what would be a wide ranging and very successful group of Hillman, Singer and Sunbeam models made over the next decade. The MKV was introduced in September 1965 and was fitted with the larger 1725cc engine complete with five bearing crankshaft.

LWE 486D is without doubt the very best Sunbeam Rapier we have come across in over 20 years of selling classic cars. The car has been with its very proud last owner for the past ten years and has become very well known on the Yorkshire show scene. Between 2003 and 2013 the Sunbeam was won eleven local show first prizes and eight runner up prizes which clearly demonstrates the quality of this vehicle. Over the ten year ownership period the Sunbeam has covered over 9000 miles and we can confirm the car drives superbly with no major faults.

The car has been beautifully detailed over the past ten years and a maintenance log recording all work is with the comprehensive history file. The Sunbeam has been regularly serviced and subject of detailed cleaning in preparation for winning shows. More substantial work includes an engine rebuild in 2003 to include new pistons, rings, main and big end bearings. A new timing chain and clutch were fitted at this point. Other work includes fitting a replacement brake servo, water pump, hoses, propshaft universal joint, fuel pump, rear brake cylinders and all four shock absorbers. The radiator has been re-cored, the carburettor rebuilt and various other work that has all been documented. As a result of careful maintenance and a meticulous previous owner, the Sunbeam is first class to drive with faultless performance, handling and ride. The engine runs perfectly with good oil pressure, the four speed gearbox has very good syncro's and changes up and down smoothly. The brakes are sharp and steering is precise. The car is delight to drive and has proven to be reliable.

LWE 486D presents superbly with good quality paintwork, a stunning detailed engine bay and a first class boot that would not look out of place if a new car. The bodywork is excellent with straight, original panels and the interior truly delightful excellent seats, carpets, door cards and headlining. The Sunbeam is not concours, but certainly in first class condition proven by the superb trophy record held at local shows. This is certainly the finest Rapier we have had the pleasure of selling and for a model known for its structural downfalls, we are pleased to report an exceptional underbody that has been regularly waxoyled and carefully maintained.

A rare opportunity to purchase a known show winning car that will be very difficult to replace.

Price: £SOLD