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1953 Sunbeam Talbot 90

This beautifully restored Sunbeam Talbot 90 was first registered on the 22nd June 1953. The Sunbeam left the factory in Satin Bronze and was allocated with the registration mark KSG 102. The Sunbeam has been with one owner from 1970 until early 2012 and having garaged the car in 1979 for a Company car, the Sunbeam was brought out of the garage and into a restoration programme in 2002. From 1970 to 1979 the Sunbeam was used as a family run around and we know from MOT certificates that in 1971 the Sunbeam had covered 66,126 miles and by the later 1970's the Sunbeam had covered 74750 miles.

Having spent over 20 years garaged, the Sunbeam was restored in 2002 with bodywork and paint alone costing almost £5000. Invoices for restoration work are with the cars history file, as is a valuation for £11,000 from when the Sunbeam restoration was complete. Since completion of the restoration, the Talbot 90 has covered just a couple of thousand miles and the condition of the car today is still excellent. The bodywork and paint are of a superb standard and the fully re-trimmed upholstery presents beautifully. On the road performance is excellent with a strong, powerful engine. The column change gearbox shifts nicely between gears and whilst recent mileage has been low, the Talbot has been driven from Manchester into South Yorkshire recently.

Price: £SOLD