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1947 Triumph Roadster 1800

This beautifully presented Triumph Roadster is a finely detailed older restoration that comes with the most magnificent history file dating back to 1949. OMP 145's wonderful detailed history starts with an invoice in 1949 for overhauling the king pins and supplying a new battery and goes right through to the late 1970's. The file contains a huge amount of invoices for maintenance work; particularly throughout the 1950's and 1960's and from the paperwork we know the Triumph was owned by a Lieutenant Colonel Swalwell for almost 20 years at least. Whilst we cannot guarantee this was the vehicles first owner, we do know it was owned by the Lieutenant from the very early 1950's through to the very late 1960's. The majority of invoices are from three separate garages dependent upon where the Lieutenant Colonel was living. Very early invoices are from a garage in Wimbledon, South West London, then during the mid-1950's the Triumph was maintained by a garage in Knutsford, Cheshire and during the 1960's OMP 145 was back in the South of England in Epsom, Surrey. In 1968 the Triumph changed hands, going to a new owner living in the very exclusive St. James's Street, Central London. The Triumph stayed in London for the next ten years before going back to Surrey in 1978.

We have very little paperwork from the 1980's and early 1990's but from the condition of the vehicle can see it has at some point had an extensive restoration. MOT certificates start from 1995 and the Triumph has been on the road, with little use since then. From this we suggest the car was probably restored during the early 1990's which would fit with the nicely aged paintwork.  From inspecting the car, we can see the upholstery has been re-trimmed and the leather today is in beautiful condition. Carpets and door cards are also in excellent condition, as is the dashboard. The boot area and rear seats have been beautifully re-trimmed and have been finished to a very high standard. The hood has been re-trimmed and the chrome work on the car is very presentable. Overall the appearance is stunning with a nicely aged feel to it.

On the road OMP 145 is impressive. The four speed gearbox is a delight to use and from the history we know the gearbox has been stripped on at least one occasion. The engine sounds superb and performs perfectly with very good oil pressure. We know the engine has benefitted from bottom end work in its early life and from driving the car and listening to the engine, we know it's very strong with superb performance. There is no smoking, rattles or knocks and the car is quite simply a delight to drive. The Triumph holds the road very well and as the car has only covered 3000 miles since 1995, we have an explanation as to why the car in such lovely order so many years on since a restoration.

Price: £SOLD