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1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 O/D - 25500 miles

This ultra-low mileage, low ownership Triumph Spitfire was first registered on the 22nd November 1979. LNO 381V left the factory in Vermillion Red with optional overdrive and a hard top that is still with the car today. The Triumph was registered new in Brentwood, Essex and changed hands within the town to a lady on the 16th October 1988. She kept the car until 2011 and the Spitfire spent many years off the road. The Triumph was not used from 2011 to the summer of 2015 when it was subject of some basic re-commissioning work. The Triumph was MOT tested but only covered 15 miles from 2015-2016 and the car arrived with us in totally original condition with a mileage of just 25000.

On arrival at our Malton Coachworks workshop, the Triumph was checked over and various work was recommended. LNO 381V was then treated to a rebuilt gearbox, replacement brake calipers, brake hoses, front and rear wheel cylinders, new rear brake shoes, new brake master cylinder, replacement brake fluid, new sump gasket, timing cover gasket, timing cover oil seal, replacement radiator, new fan belt, new thermostat housing, new starter solenoid, windscreen washer pump, new petrol tank sender unit and new headlight switch. Further work included fitting a new trunnion kit, front and rear dampers, front springs, suspension bushes, anti-roll bar bushes and links, a new diff mount and new lower wishbone mounting bolts and nuts.

LNO 381V arrived remarkably original and we found the bodywork totally solid. The model is prone to corrosion at the front of the chassis but we found this to be in exceptional order on this car. The totally original paintwork had aged and minor blemishes and imperfections were visible so the car was put through our bodyshop for a full outer re-paint and the car now presents superbly with an exceptional paint finish. The body is perfectly straight with excellent gaps. The interior trim is largely original with an exceptional dashboard, smart carpets and door cards and the seats have been re-trimmed with new foams having gone off colour after so many years. We sold the car to one of our Southern based regular customers in 2017 and the car returns to us having covered around 250 faultless miles and has recently had all five wheels shot blasted and re-painted. This is a remarkable little car in excellent mechanical order and is first class to drive with working overdrive, superb strong engine and rebuilt gearbox. 


Price: £SOLD