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1972 Triumph Stag Automatic

This impressive Triumph Stag Automatic has driven 175 faultless miles from Bedford, has been with its last owner for 14 years and comes with 32 years worth of history telling us the car has covered just 22,000 miles in this time with a total believed mileage of 56,000 from new. The car was manufactured in 1972 and is a MKI but has been externally upgraded with the later alloys, coachlines and sill covers. The car still retains its MKI gauges and also comes with its original hard top and has been equipped with an immobiliser, sound system and Kenlowe fan.

YRV 48L is an exceptionally good driver with a superb Triumph V8 holding excellent oil pressure. The automatic gearbox shifts up and down smoothly and power steering, brakes and suspension feel superb. On the road this car feels strong, reliable and our 175 mile test driven gives great confidence in the car. Invoices over the past 20 years detail work and maintenance to include a stainless steel exhaust system, re-conditioned servo, master cylinder, new brakes pads, voltage stabiliser, re-conditioned steering rack and rebuilt carburettors. In the 14 years with its last owner the Stag has covered 10,000 miles and has required no major repairs and has proven a true joy to own.

YRV 48L has an impressive paint finish with lovely clean straight panels. The body is structurally excellent with no areas of concern and chrome work gleams with an impressive finish. The Stag alloys are in excellent order and the engine bay is superbly presented with a clean engine unit, detailed ancillaries and superb inner wings, bulk head and front panel. Under carpets reveals white floors and it's clear the car has never had a colour change. The upholstery is beautifully presented with excellent seats and door cards, as new carpets and walnut dash. The soft top has faded but no rips or tears are evident but to meet the condition of the rest of the vehicle, we are happy to fit a brand new hood within the asking price. YRV 48L is an impressive car, it's reliable, drives superbly and has a rock solid body with lovely presentation. This is an easy car to own and is ideal for regular use, shows, events and can be used confidently for longer distance touring.

Price: £SOLD