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1970 Triumph Stag Pre-Production Car No.9

This is a true collector’s piece, not only is it the finest restored Triumph Stag we have ever offered onto the market, it is a very significant car in the history of the Triumph Stag. RVC 433H is a pre-production car, officially Pre-Production car No.9 and the twelfth ever made and said to be the Belgian press launch car. Twenty pre-production cars were built, mostly for press and publicity purposes and these special cars were given commission numbers from LD1 to LD20. From just initial look at this car, the first clue would be the 1970 H registration and the letters RVC signify a Coventry registration number.

This wonderful car has been subject of a recent photo documented complete nut and bolt restoration that was completed between 2014-2016 and the car is featured in a recent edition of ‘Triumph World' magazine. This matching numbers car was apparently removed from the road and placed in dry storage during 1989 and the most recent owner acquired the car in 2011. Absoloute care and diligence was put into the rebuild in order to ensure all the pre-production detail was retained during the two year restoration. Over the two years the engine was refurbished by Tynwald Triumph, plus the gearbox, overdrive and hood frame overhauled by specialists, the rear axle, braking and suspension systems were overhauled and the upholstery fully re-trimmed; brightwork re-chromed and a new hood installed.

The bodywork is truly outstanding with stunning shut lines, exceptionally straights panels and a wonderful body colour painted underside. The paintwork has a first class, gleaming show standard finish and the engine bay is outstanding. The chrome work is all excellent, the hood perfect and the factory hard top is also with the car. The upholstery has been superbly re-trimmed with beautiful seats, door card, carpets, dashboard and gauges. This very special car is truly outstanding to drive having only covered 250 miles since completion. The engine runs perfectly offering excellent performance, gear changes are effortless and the overdrive comes in and out smoothly. The car drives as you would have expected in 1970, it feels tight like a new car and has to be the very best we've had the pleasure of selling. This is a real collectors piece and we are delighted to offers a unique opportunity for someone to purchase a significant car in the history of this British marque.

Price: £SOLD