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1972 Triumph TR6 PI 150BHP

LFL 511L was first registered on the 17th November 1972 and is a genuine UK 150BHP model with overdrive on 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The TR6 was purchased by the most recent owner on the19th February 2010 in need some re-commissioning and restoration work. The car had been on the road in 2009 but was ready for work and from 2010 – 2015 a substantial body restoration and mechanical overhaul was undertaken. Since completion just 1500 miles have been completed and the car drove perfectly to us from Stafford.

The original body was said to have very good panel gaps and the chassis was in very good order, so the owner decided not to remove the body off the chassis. The car was taken down to a rolling shell, fully stripped down with running gear removed and the body then restored as necessary. Wings were removed, new outer sills fitted and any metal work required carried out. The bodyshell was prepared for a full high quality re-paint including engine bay and boot area. The TR was built up with many new parts to include wheel arch covers, badges, wheel trims and new bumpers. The interior was treated to new carpets and a brand new steering wheel, the rest left original. The TR6 was then mechanically overhauled and this programme of work included a full engine rebuild. The engine was stripped down, re-bored, the crankshaft re-grind, new main and big end bearings fitted and the cylinder head converted to run on unleaded. New pistons were fitted, a new oil pump, new timing chain and new valve stem oil seals, exhaust valves, inlet valves and core plugs all fitted. A re-profiled camshaft was also fitted, the distributor rebuilt and a spin on oil filter, new water pump, all new hoses and a new ring gear fited. Further mechanical work included new front coil springs, track rod ends, top ball joints, rebuilt brake servo, master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, new brake discs, pads, brake shoes, brake calipers and an uprated starter motor along with all new ignition items.

LFL 511L drives superbly and the 150 mile trip to North Yorkshire was faultless. The rebuilt engine offers excellent power delivery and runs perfectly. Oil pressure is superb and performance equally as impressive. The gearbox changes up and down smoothly with excellent syncromesh and the overdrive works perfectly, coming in and smoothly on 2nd, 3rd and 4th. With new brakes it pulls up perfectly straight and handling is also very good. We have priced the car sensibly knowing there is some less major detail work to carry out on the car. The TR6 comes with a hood frame which requires cleaning up and painting, a new hood is required and the boot compartment requires fitting out with a spare wheel, board and trimming. The interior has been kept largely original so to meet the expectations of the gleaming, highly impressive engine bay and general paintwork, further cosmetic work could be carried out to the dash, seats and door cards. The car is perfectly usable as it is, but with someone with a keen eye for detail, could soon turn this into a £25000-£3000 TR6. This is the model to have, and with thousands spent on the body, paint and mechanicals, this really offers exceptional value. 

Price: £SOLD